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In the ever-changing technological landscape, the way customers engage with a brand changes rapidly. What was new last year is repetitive this year and will be outdated in the year to come.
Wootclub is a new age brand activation agency, bringing you the future of experiential marketing and next-generation digital activation platforms. Our interactive technology solutions are a big-time crowd puller and help you stand out the competition. They make consumer’s brand engagement super fun and help you leverage the power of social sharing, making it seamless and very easy.
Wootclub as a company is popular for its photo op services and activation campaigns, and our clients love our savvy on-ground assistance.

Magic Mirror

Hashtag & Social Cafe

PhotoBox & GIF Booths

Hashtag Printer

3D hologram Fan


Social 360


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Know all about Wootclubs’ interactive technology solutions, including our Photo/ Video booths, Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Mixed Reality(MR) booths, 3D Holograms, and social Mosaic. Drive brand awareness and enhance the experience at your corporate events and brand activations, and add a fun element to your personal occasions such as Weddings, Birthday or engagement parties.

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We have worked with the top brands from almost every corner of the world!

90% or more, the chances are that you’ve already availed our solutions in one form or other. No kidding!
We say so with such confidence as we have already helped, through our digital activation services and products, almost all the top brands drive social engagement in almost 20 countries.

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