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Click their picture at their choice of scenery

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The AR selfie station also popularly known as the modern-day Green screen photo booth is an interactive photo op experience that works by enhancing the reality of your guests via computer-generated perceptual information.
It is truly a magic of technology; Click your quests while them walking on the moon or enhance their event experience with a picture of theirs’  at the event with their favourite celebrity.
Have your guests posing and cheering with excitement and share a digital picture of this experience via Email/SMS/Whatsapp.
Hire on Rent or purchase your own AR selfie booth only at

HOW It Works

Choose a background and snap a photo

Link sent instantly via SMS or email

Optional instant printing

Deployment Options

Green Screen Background

AR Selfies

Photobooth replaces the green screen with the digital image, opening a whole new world of possibilities. Meaning, guests get clicked anywhere they want to.

Intermixing Real & Virtual

Mixed Reality

The guests get clicked at a real environment and in the final output find themself interacting or posing with celebrities.

Turn Your Event Into A Major Highlight

Mix the virtual world with the real one for your guests. Whether at weddings, corporate events or birthday bashes, with Wootclub’s AR Selfie station, they get to forget all about the real-world boundaries and truly enjoy the event.

Install our augmented reality photobooth, available for rental, hire or to buy, and transport them anywhere with overlay, gifs, photos and multiple branding options.

Key Features

Choose multiple backdrops

Choose photos or gifs

Capture consumer data

Showcase photos on a live feed

Photo take aways

Customise overlay branding

Deployment Specifications

AR Selfies

Mixed Reality

Social Mosaic in action

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