• Instagram For Event Promotion April 18, 2019

    5 Ways To Use Instagram For Event Promotion

    If there is something noteworthy happening, it is bound to be on social media sites one way or another. And with Instagram being one of the most popular out of all, with more than 1 billion monthly users since 2018, it is the place to be at.

    In the past couple of years, marketing and branding on Instagram have boomed. After all, who wouldn’t want to use such a platform for their benefit? And marketing teams have not lagged behind in using all that Instagram has to offer for promotions, event activation, and other communication strategies.

    A versatile medium like Instagram is also great for the promotion of events and spreading the word around. Take a look at some of the best ways to better your event’s promotion on Instagram.

    Instagram For Event Promotion

    Sneak Peeks of Location

    One of the first few things that people want to know about any event is its location. Use sneak peeks of this information to generate curiosity and engage your audience. Share some photos of a part of the event from the inside, the outside or interesting facts about the location of your event.

    You can even create a buzz about your event by letting the audience decide the venue, through polls where they can choose from the options given to them. This also creates engagement and makes them further invested in your future posts about the event.

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    Create Hype with Contests

    Instagram Content for Event Promotion

    Contests on social media platforms are a tried and tested method to create awareness about your events activation with the help of lucrative prizes for winning them. Instagram contests are fairly common and easy to plan. For example, a simple contest idea could be to ask the contestants to share your event-related photo with as many people as possible.

    The one with the highest number of shares wins. Similarly, you could ask contests to post selfies with their event tickets and the one with most like would win. This way, not only are they promoting your event to their followers, but they are also directly increasing the sales of tickets.

    Use Instagram Hashtag Printer

    Instagram Hashtag Printer

    Wootclub’s Instagram Hashtag Printer is an innovative and simple way to promote events on Instagram. It can be set up at the event with a designated area or instabooth, make it easier for the audience to recognize and use it. To understand how it works, there are three simple steps. First, the visitors click pictures of themselves or the event and create original content.

    Try Hashtag Printer

    In the next step, they upload their photos on Instagram with your event’s given hashtag. And lastly, our Wootclub’s Instagram Printer prints all the photos that have used that particular hashtag. This way the people take home keepsakes of the event while simultaneously promoting it online. Instagram Hashtag Printer is a popular choice these days.

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    Post during the Event

    It is a fact that not everyone who is interested in an event can attend the event. The reasons could be many but one way to still make this segment of your target group a part of your event is through Instagram. Post and make stories about the event as much as possible. Do not stop posting about it even during the event, people want to know what is happening inside the even and you can use this curiosity in a mutually beneficial manner.

    Event Posting on Instagram

    Instagram is more effective for this purpose because photos attract more attention in such situations instead of Tweets or Facebook statuses. So make sure that each post and story is structured in a way that allows the virtual attendees of Instagram to follow along easily. Use your event hashtags, describe what is happening and keep your audience engaged.

    Mind the Time of Posting

    Whether it is pre-event hype posts or posts during the event, it is important to keep in mind the time of posting. Keep a track on when your audiences are most active on Instagram and engage with your posts. Get insights and records so that your next posts are put upon a time that corresponds with the most active audience time slots. Here the location of your event and the location of the follower is key. Time zones and cultural contexts might be a thing to take into consideration for international events. Similarly, youth-centric events often have audiences that are online late at night.

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    Events promotion on Instagram is fun and easy with the right approach. With the above tips to further help you in this, marketing and promotions on Instagram can be tapped into till their full potential.