• Experiential Activations July 5, 2019

    8 Brilliant Experiential Activation Technologies For The Events

    Experiential activations are the rage these days. The marketing event space is filled with experiential marketing activations of all kinds, from Instagram Hashtag Printer to AR Selfie Booth, Social 360 to Tweet Cafe and lots more, the list just keeps going on and on.

    Unlike traditional marketing gimmicks, they offer guests a slew of new unexplored experiences and a variety of ways to put their creative ideas on display, all the while building up a veritable database of authentic UGC and better word-of-mouth for your business or brand.

    Below we tell you the top 8 new technologies brand activation agencies are employing at marketing branded events to get the experiential activation for your brand going!

    Social Media Hashtag Printer

    Hashtag Printer

    The wildly popular experiential marketing activation, Social Media Hashtag Printer is in itself, a success formula for your event! Aside from giving your guests an incredibly unique, fun and creative photo-op experience, it also provides your brand with a constant stream of authentic UGC and generates good word-of-mouth from your attendees to your potential customers.

    Many established and newbie brands have already triumphantly employed the Instagram Hashtag Printer in marketing events and gained immensely from the opportunistic prospects of the solution.

    PhotoBox and GIF Booth

    Photobox & Gif Booth

    The new way of getting a great photo and making it fun too! The PhotoBox and GIF Booth is a creatively inspired experiential marketing activation solution that lets your guests take amazingly wacky photographs, share those on their social media profiles with your event’s unique hashtag and get a print-out of these to take home with them as a branded keepsake from the event.

    The Photo Booth hire and the GIF booth make an otherwise stale marketing event a whole lot of fun, with overflowing crazy photos and happy, enthusiastic attendees!

    AR Photo Booth

    AR Selfie Photo Booth

    Green Screen Photo Booths are taking up the marketing event world by storm. Since people are always looking for ways to escape reality and jump in the virtual world of AR Selfies, the interactive tech solution offers your guests the opportunity to enjoy an out-of-body experience while still existing in the realm of this planet. Nothing could be better than this, yes, we reckon.

    You can use augmented reality photo booths at corporate events too. The backgrounds of these green screen photo booths can be changed according to the theme of your event, and don’t be afraid to incorporate crazy sceneries, outer space scenarios,  wildlife safaris, and anything absolutely random for your guests!

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    The biggest challenge marketing event organizers face, is to somehow ensure that all their guests are given personalized attention and leverage.

    While the above scenario could be a problem for events using traditional audience engagement methods, it is a cakewalk for events using experiential activations.

    The most successful interactive tech solution in this regard, behind the Instagram Hashtag Printer, is Social 360 photo booth for events, also known as the 360-degree photo booth.

    It consists of a set of strategically placed cameras in all directions clicking your guests’ pictures, videos, slow-mos, stills etc. from every possible angle, making them feel like true celebrities in the course of the snapping. 

    The guests can then share these photos, videos and GIFs across their social media platforms using your event’s unique hashtag, and voila, you have a constant flow of authentic, creative UGC, with the added badge of happy, satisfied and entertained guests!

    Social Tweet Cafe for Events

    Hashtag Social Tweet Cafe

    The Tweet Cafe, an interactive technology solution that gives out surprise gifts to your guests for tweeting about your event, is gaining a quiet kind of popularity in the experiential activations scenario. Based off of the tested and tried belief that people are more likely to actively participate in a marketing activity if they get something in return for their efforts, the Tweet Cafe prompts the guests at your event to give a shout-out to your event using your unique hashtag, in return for exciting gifts!

    Many big names have successfully implemented the Tweet Cafe at their marketing, product launch and customer interaction events, thus driving their sales and marketing repo up multiple notches!

    Social Mosaic

    Social Mosaic

    An interactive technology solution that brand activation agencies employ to enable the brand to connect better with their guests, the solution utilizes event photos from each and every one of your guests to design a breathtaking masterpiece, something that represents the theme of your event!

    Needless to say, the Social Mosaic is an extremely fun experiential activation solutions around today, and one that will unfailingly help you achieve your goals of heightened guest participation and event inclusivity!

    VR Simulations

    mixed reality photo booth

    The world of exciting, fun and creative VR simulations are soon gaining increased followership among event planners and marketing heads of brands of all kinds.

    In a world where people would give anything to be able to escape reality for a while, it isn’t very difficult to fathom why VR simulations are increasing and romping up the experiential marketing activation stage.

    You can make your guests bat in a VR cricket field, spin around in a VR roller-coaster, pose atop the Eiffel Tower or become a spectator in a raging wild safari, the possibilities, like the scope of VR, are endless! 

    Fun Custom Made Apps

    Event Activations

    Developing a custom-made application that helps your guests connect with your brand and educates them about your new product(in case of a launch event), or gives them a fun walk-through for a new feature, is always welcome and a good decision.

    These apps can range all the way from fun puzzles, exciting word games, to more informative AI laden educative video tutorials.

    Integrating these with your event will definitely prove beneficial as it gives your guests a more transparent way of communicating with your brand with no barriers in between.

    The apps can also carry a user review feature which will help your guests to instantly review your event, data that you can effectively utilize to score better in your events the next time!

    These interactive technology solutions just might be what gives you the edge on your competitors in the event marketing universe. It goes without saying that experiential activations are an extremely important part of marketing regimes these days owing to their numerous benefits and the ease-of-connection with guests they offer. It’s the perfect time to introduce creative, fun and uber exciting experiential marketing activations at your event, powered by the right brand activation agency!