• Below The Line (BTL) Activation July 19, 2019

    All About BTL Activities – Significance, Benefits & Ideas for Brand Activations

    BTL activities are creating a buzz in the current scenario and are blooming with full potential, delivering excellent results. Digitalization has taken a troll all over the world and marketers are researching more innovative ways to promote their brand while connecting and engage their audiences.

    Ever since experiential marketing solutions came into existence, BTL activities have completely taken over the traditional form of marketing. Below the line activations create a niche for a brand while allowing it to connect with audiences.

    Marketing trends keep on changing with times, to gain the desired goals, marketers must be well versed with the latest digital forms of marketing that will help a brand to gain a much-desired hike.

    In the world of digitalization, where a target audience is found on various social media platforms without any geographical boundaries, BTL activations play a great role to catch audience sight while giving exposure to the brand. BTL marketing activities allow a brand to build a relationship with its customers which later results in Brand loyalty and an increase in the sales lead. Let’s get a detailed insight into some of the questions like what are BTL activities and where it can be used? What are the benefits or advantages of below the line activations? and what are the trending ideas in BTL activities? that will help your brand to make noise while adding an element of uniqueness to it.

    What are BTL Activities?

    Experiential Activations

    Below the line activities are used to promote the product and give the much-desired hike to stay ahead of the competition. BTL activations induce a list of activities that uses innovative ideas to engage its audiences. In the earlier times, BTL marketing activities revolve around direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, brand promotion activities, telemarketing, free sampling & exhibitions.

    But, in this digital era, BTL activities have taken a notch higher with out of the box ideas and approaches to reach the target market with digitalized brand promotion activities and search engine marketing. Instagram Hashtag Printers and Social or Tweet Cafe are being used extensively as a part of BTL marketing strategy to engage a larger audience base around the globe.

    BTL marketing activities allow brands to connect with their customers on an emotional level. It allows customers and brands to know each other in a more refined way while giving exposure and loyal customers to a brand.

    Benefits of using BTL Activations

    Product Launch Experiential Technology

    Experiential marketing solutions are a top priority for digital marketers to gain the attention of the masses and create two-way communication. BTL activation boosts the marketing game for any brand as it has many benefits associated with it. You must be thinking about how BTL activities can give a boost to your brand? Let’s discuss some of the benefits of BTL activations and experiential technology that will speed up your marketing game and make you the known name while leaving your competition behind.

    1. Below the line activities creates a direct point of contact between customers and brands, helping them to understand each other in a better way.
    2. BTL activities create brand awareness while attracting more customers, resulting in more sales leads.
    3. Below the line activations help in reaching your target audience with much ease as compared to traditional ways of marketing.
    4. BTL activities give an advantage to your brand by marking its presence. It makes your brand stand out while saving it from getting lost in the clutter.
    5. Below the line activations help in building a positive image of a brand with instant results.
    6. BTL activities make the brand memorable and remarkable. It creates an impact on the audience with its dynamic strategies.
    7. BTL marketing activities allow audiences to get the insight of a product. It allows the audience to feel the product if sampling is taken as one of the measures in BTL activations.
    8. BTL activities help in getting valuable feedback from the customer which helps in improving the product or service.

    As time has changed so does BTL marketing activities. Traditional ways of BTL marketing are followed by every other brand, resulting in no gain no loss situation. As the scenario is moving more towards digitalization, new experiential technology ideas for brand & event promotion has come into existence.

    Innovative and out of the box social media strategies are needed in the current scenario, to create a buzz around social media. Let’s have a look at some new ideas in BTL activations which will boost your marketing game.

    Best Ideas for BTL Brand Activations

    Photo Booths

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    Photo Booths for events are creating noise in this current scenario with its presence in every event. To promote any event whether is corporate or personal photo booths have been the right choice. A little digitalization in photo booths for the social bees catches the audience’s attention quite easily. It allows them to enjoy while gaining all the social attention. Photo booths allow attendees of an event to get clicked by following the instructions on the touch screen. It allows the user to add some filters and layouts from the section. Uploading an image with an event hashtag instantly gives you the print of your picture while letting your event trend on the social platforms. Here is a complete guide to all kind of photo booths.

    Tweets Cafe or Social Cafe

    Hashtag Social Tweet Cafe

    Who doesn’t like surprise gifts? I think no one out there says no to it. Tweet cafe or Social cafe can make your event a trendsetter on social media platforms while throwing the spotlight on your brand.

    It is a perfect way to garner more audience by offering surprise gifts. A simple tweet with an event hashtag and a specific box number make your brand campaign reach many active users while evoking them to be the part of the same, resulting in more brand reach without any geographical boundaries.

    Tweet cafe has its significance in experiential marketing solutions, that will make a brand campaign make a buzz on social platforms.

    Social Photo Mosaic Wall

    Social Mosaic

    The social mosaic wall is one of the effective ways to trend your event on social media. Smartphones always stay in the scene. Attendees at your event tend to capture images at an entire event. All the photographs captured at an event can be displayed at a photo mosaic wall which will summarize the whole event to the attendees if they have missed something. 

    You can enjoy a digital album of an event without even asking for the photographs. Just follow live updates or use event hashtags to gather pictures from your event across social media platforms.

    3D Holographic

    3D Holographic Fan

    3D Hologram fan create a sense of fun and excitement. A 3D hologram can be seen without wearing 3D glasses. An event that uses 3D holographic as its BTL activity becomes the talk of the town in no time while setting a trend for other brand events to follow the same. 3D holographic is a unique experiential technology solution that allows brands to highlight their product in a most innovative way and allow attendees at the event to get clicked with it. Let your event shout aloud with its remarkable presence and out of the box approach to garner audience attention.

    BTL activities have marked its significance in the marketing trends and are now used by every other brand to win over the competition.

    Let your brand gain more sights and generate more sales through BTL activities. Speed up your marketing game with the latest trends and ideas in BTL marketing activities with the help of an experienced brand activation agency. It’s time to reach your untapped audiences in the most innovative ways.