• Types of Marketing September 12, 2019

    All About ATL, BTL and TTL Advertising

    There’s no arguing that advertising has multiple types of marketing, chalked out based on several definitions, parameters and results.

    Although these types of marketing have been around for quite some time now, it was only in 1954, that Procter and Gamble gave an accurate classification of the different types of advertising, based on what spheres of audience they affect, presence or absence of direct results, and the amount of direct return on investments.

    Types Of Advertising

    Types of advertising - ATL, BTL, TTL

    Above-The-Line Advertising(ATL)

    Above-The-Line activations are a widespread advertising and marketing campaign or activity that is undertaken at a general level, without any specific audience targeting. Good examples will be a huge brand’s national/international advertising campaign that’s untargeted and broad-reaching in nature. As is apparent, Above-The-Line activations are marketing activities that are generally undertaken as a brand-building exercise, and to establish a clear brand image among a massive audience. 

    General ATL Advertising Activities

    • Television Advertising: Advertising campaigns that are targeted at a national or global level. 
    • Print Media: Newspaper ads, online articles and print media campaigns that are global.
    • Radio: National and international radio broadcasting advertisement campaigns.

    The major focus of Above-The-Line activations, is on building a good, well-defined brand image, and to increase the brand’s reach to wider horizons of audience. 

    Definite returns-on-investments or conversions aren’t ATL’s forte, and it is precisely for this reason that ATL activities aren’t target-centric in nature.

    The idea behind ATL advertising activities is to make the brand or the product in discussion known to the customer, and to create larger brand visibility. 

    Below-The-Line Advertising (BTL)

    In stark contrast to Above-The-Line activations, Below-The-Line activations or BTL activities are more focused in nature, and are directed towards a specific group of individuals that the company identifies as potential customers. 

    Below-The-Line activations are highly targeted and advertisements are created considering all the necessary parameters of the audience’s interest, to better connect with them.

    The communication strategies employed by Below-The-Line activations are highly personalized and objective, a primary focus on gaining tangible results through conversions, a quantifiable ROI and definitive audience interaction. 

    Unlike ATL advertising, where the results of the activities are largely untenable, BTL advertising activities have the advantage of easily trackable results and quantifiable parameters for judging the success of an advertising campaign. 

    Popular Below-The-Line Activation Activities

    • Outdoor Advertisements: Billboard ads, flyers, banners, sandwich boards etc.
    • Direct Marketing: SMS, emails, Social Media posts, pamphlets etc. 
    • Sponsorship: Advertising through events, competitions etc. 
    • Public Relations: Advertising through press conferences, viral marketing campaigns etc.
    • In-Store Promotions: Advertising done through visual merchandising, retailer popups, product sampling, sales promotion etc. 

    BTL advertising majorly focuses on higher ROI, gaining user conversions, along with defining and bringing about quantifiable campaign success measures for the brand.

    Highly user-centric and targeted, BTL activities are undertaken to ensure buyers/customers for the brand’s products/campaigns etc. 

    Many companies and well-established brands make use of BTL advertising methods like Email Marketing, Social Media and Event marketing. 

    Events are quickly taking over the corporate space, with brands using those to up their ante when it comes to regional presence, customer satisfaction and exceptional experiences. 

    Giving customers a memorable event experience is a part of a well-thought-out BTL advertising campaign, assisted by event marketing methods known otherwise as Experiential Marketing Solutions. 

    These are interactive technology solutions deployed through Experiential Marketing Technology agencies, that scoop out and analyze your audience’s demographics for creating a personalized event experience for them to enjoy.

    Wootclub, a well-reputed and known Experiential Marketing Technology Agency, helps you provide your guests with an amazing, unmatched personalized experience for your guests at your events with our array of experiential marketing technology services targeted at your photo-loving guests! 

    PhotoBooth Vendor

    Some of these Experiential Marketing Solutions that brands use at their events to give their guests a personalized experience are listed below:

    Magic Mirror Photobooth

    An interactive Photo Booth that clicks the pictures of your guests making crazy poses lets them customize those as they like, and then post those across their social media profiles with your event’s unique hashtag to give your branded event a higher social media outreach. 

    The Photo Booth makes your event memorable for your guests, and gives your brand a much needed social media boost. 

    Instagram Hashtag Printer

    A hashtag printer is almost a necessity in a corporate event, product launch or a brand party. A fun interactive Photo Booth that lets your guests take photos and get them as a handy print-out instantly, along with your event’s unique hashtag to let them have a wonderful memory of your event. It also allows your guests to post these photos on their social media profiles with your event’s unique hashtag, thus making your event’s social media profiles rank higher. 

    Photobox and GIF Booth

    This fun photo booth lets your guests take their fun photos/videos/GIFs, and post those across their social media profiles using your event’s unique hashtag, thus giving your event a much needed social media boost, along with getting a good word-of-mouth from your guests thus leading to increased sales and brand value. 

    Social 360

    This rotating Photo/GIF Booth captures fun photos/videos/GIFs of your guests through 360 degree cameras that make your guests feel like they’re in a celebrity photo-shoot. The guests can then post those across their social media profiles with your event’s unique hashtag, that generates a goodly amount of authentic UGC for your brand, as well as lets your guests remember your branded event as a fun, memorable experience!

    AR Selfie

    The AR Selfie Photo Booth lets you transport your guests to their dreamlands, capturing their photos in sceneries of their choice through the agency of a green screen and a high-quality camera! Your guests can then post those on their social media profiles using your event’s unique hashtag, thus increasing your brand’s social media reach as well as brand recall value among your guests! 

    Social Mosaic

    A fun interactive tech solution, the Social Mosaic is a creative wall art of your guests’ pictures snapped at your event, placed together strategically to create a bigger masterpiece that in some way or the other, represents the theme of your event! Not only does it make for amazing-looking Instagram worthy photo moments, but also gives your guests a feeling of being involved in the event, and guarantees that none of your guests are left behind! Not to mention the crazy amount of authentic UGC it generates for your branded event!

    Choosing from these Experiential marketing technology solutions will ensure your branded events become memorable for your guests and lets them have a good time, along with giving your brand a heightened social media reach, and making your brand a household name.

    Through-The-Line Advertising (TTL)

    An advertising approach that integrates both ATL and BTL advertising activities, through-the-line activations or TTL advertising are marketing activities that combine both ATL and BTL approaches to secure your brand a greater visibility, better brand recall value & increased sales through measurable, quantifiable parameters.

    Advertising To Increasing ROI

    However, since the cost of implementing Through-The-Line activations are generally higher than implementing either of ATL or BTL activities alone, these are usually undertaken by large, financially stable companies.

    Popular TTL Marketing Activities

    • 360-Degree Marketing: An advertising activity that’s a combination of ATL and BTL activities, for e.g., a TV advertisement that’s supplemented by newspaper advertisements and pamphlet distribution.
    • Digital Marketing: Online banners, informative CTA buttons, social media posts, blogs etc.

    To conclude, we can say that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the types of marketing activations that supports a company’s advertising needs. While some companies might work well with ATL advertising, some others might find BTL advertising more rewarding in the long run, and yet some others might find their perfect match in Through-The-Line activations. 

    Take a good look at your brand’s advertising needs, then study your options carefully and come to the right mix of advertising activities that’d fit all your marketing needs.