• Customer Engagement with Experiential technology February 10, 2020

    Boost Consumer Engagement with Innovative Experiential Technology

    In today’s world, customer experience has become more than just the sales journey. For marketers, the difference between customer service and marketing is becoming less and less. It has become crucial for brands to create a connection with their consumers.

    Fortunately, using consumer engagement tools like social 360, social mosaic, modern photo booths and other innovative services of a brand experience agency, most brands can easily boost their consumer engagement numbers.

    In this blog, we’re going to take a look at what consumer engagement is and how brands can boost their customer engagement metrics!

    What is Consumer Engagement?

    customer engagement

    Customer engagement can be defined as creating a deep connection with the customer in order to drive purchasing decisions, interaction, and participation over time. It can be thought of as creating an authentic long-term relationship between the brand and the customer.

    In essence, consumer engagement activities will ensure that your customers will interact and share the experiences you create for them as a brand and a business. A strong customer engagement strategy helps in fostering brand growth and loyalty, which are vital in today’s world.

    Brand activation marketing is a great method way of cultivating consumer engagement as it is all about allowing the consumers of a brand to experience the brand’s core values in a personal manner.

    By using the services of a brand experience agency, a brand can focus more on value creation and not on revenue extraction. By giving the consumers something more than just a sale pitch, you convert your brand into an experience and add a human element to it, increasing the consumer engagement for your brand.

    How to Create Consumer Engagement?

    Even though it is painfully obvious that consumer engagement is one of the most important points of focus in today’s marketing world, creating customer engagement can still be a challenging task. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind when you’re designing consumer engagement strategies for your brand:

    Focus on the Customer Experience

    In today’s marketing zeitgeist, customer experience is one of the most crucial performance indicators for most businesses and not just in brand activation marketing activities.

    By focusing on the experience of the customer, you can increase satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy of the core consumers of the brand which will provide returns for years to come for the brand. 

    Humanize Your Brand

    Even though it is important to focus on 360 marketing for any brand, the first step toward ensuring a higher consumer engagement is to provide a more human face to your brand.

    While humanizing a brand is easier for fun companies like Redbull or Nike, even traditional companies in the B2B industry to banks, for example, can still humanize their brands to a large extent in order to increase their consumer engagement.

    Lastly, the process of humanizing a brand should also be a part of all channels of marketing including on ground brand activations, offline marketing and digital marketing in order to create a uniform brand identity across all channels and platforms.

    Use Social Media Religiously

    Social media is the best online tool most brands have to engage with consumers on a personal basis every day. By focusing on social media as much as possible, brands can foster their human side and interact directly with their consumers.

    Other than creating your own content, social media is also great when it comes to user-generated content. A lot of brands use a 3D systems photo booth that is directly integrated into their social platform in order to make full use of the user-generated content. Modern photo booths like magic mirror, social mosaic, AR selfie booth etc are powerful tools that can be used in any event to increase the real-time user engagement with the brand.

    Personalize Customer Communications

    Customer communications are important when it comes to boosting consumer engagement. By personalizing all customer communications, a brand can increase the rate of engagement that a consumer might experience when it comes to the brand.

    A lot of brands use a green screen photo booth at their corporate events to create the user-generated content. This allows the brand to create branded content that can be used to raise brand awareness on social media.

    Create Useful Relevant Content and Provide Value

    While a social 360 photo and video booth can help in creating user-generated content that is both personalized and branded, creating content that is useful and relevant for your brand is also very important.

    Using innovative tools like a 360 camera spinning wheel and utilizing concepts like a AR selfie gif can help make any brand’s content much more useful and valuable by providing information in a new way that is not usually seen on most marketing and social media platforms.

    Listen to Social Feedback

    Even though it is important for a brand to invest in better content and using tools like 360 camera spinning wheel, social mosaic, tweet cafe etc, any brand experience agency will tell you that listening to social feedback is absolutely crucial for any brand that wants to boost their consumer engagement.

    Social feedback is one of the most accurate ways of measuring how your consumers are engaging with your brand. For example, if a brand is using a green screen photo booth that is connected to social media platforms, it is important for the brand to see exactly how much of a buzz is being generated by the activation.

    By ascertaining the quality of social feedback a brand can easily understand the quality of engagement by the consumers of the brand. 


    Without proper consumer engagement, no brand can be successful in today’s business world. Previously, the primary objective of marketing was to deliver the best value proposition to the consumers but in today’s world, the focus is on creating an authentic relationship between the consumer and the brand.

    We hope this blog was helpful. Keep reading this blog for more information on activations and experiential technology.