• AR Selfie Booth May 13, 2019

    How To Transform Corporate Events With AR Selfie Booth?

    Corporate events often have a vibe that says ‘necessary evil’. They may be events of utmost importance to your institution, but also fail to generate audience interest. Between long sessions, meetings and talks of budgets, a corporate event can easily turn into a drag. It is crucial to hold onto your audience’s attention when you are exchanging information that matters a lot in your professional endeavours. Why not jazz up your event to make it more fun and engaging?

    Mixing real with virtual is the trend these days and small activations of the mixed reality kind are steadily gaining popularity. Augmented reality photo booths are one of the most fun yet relevant options for you to install at your corporate event.

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    What is an AR Selfie Booth?

    Augmented reality combines the real and the virtual by adding a digital visual in the real world view of the user. There are two different ways that this can work.

    An AR selfie booth is essentially a green screen photo booth, where a green screen is placed in the background of the designated area at the event to get your selfie or picture clicked. The technology in the AR photo booth replaces the green screen from the picture with a digital visual that you wish. This visual can be an image or even a green screen gif that allows the users to have a mini-video instead of just a single photograph. The possibilities for the background are endless and leads to fun surprise when the results come.

    AR Photo Booth

    Another way Mixed Reality works is by adding the digital visual over your picture rather than changing the background as mentioned above. For example, your audience can get pictures clicked with your company logo and the AR photo booth will add the image of a celebrity in that photo. In the end, your audience gets a selfie with a celebrity without them actually meeting.

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    Benefits of Augmented Reality Photo Booths at Corporate Events

    There are a number of advantages of setting-up one of these photo booths at your corporate events. Here are some of them:

    • They break the monotony of long hours of an event that is essentially still all work and professionalism. In a time when people’s attention is straying and interest is lost, an AR photo booth can be used to lure your audience interest back to the event.
    • It is a great engagement tool that makes your audience rise up and participate in a fun activity. With options to choose multiple backdrops or digital images to put in the real photo, it is great entertainment. Here are 5 unique ways to use green screen photo booth at events.
    • It is a part of the photo documentation of your event. Later on, these photos can be turned into a keepsake of your corporate event for the attendees to take home.
    • All images or green screen gifs can contain your custom branding to push the brand image of your institution either on social media platforms or through word of mouth.

    You can install Wootclub’s AR station at your corporate event to give your visitors one of a kind experience. The function of our AR selfie booth is brilliant in its simplicity. After choosing the background, the user clicks the picture. They receive the link to their photo via email or SMS to have a digital copy of it. Along with this, you can have the option of instant printing as well at your event, making it even more convenient for the user. Not only is all this easy to install and handle, but it is a memorable branding experience as well.

    Give your corporate event a makeover with Augmented Reality!

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