• Photobooths for events January 27, 2020

    Making Event Photo Booths Lively- Ideas, Tips & Tricks

    Events are a huge part of a brand’s marketing strategy, and justifiably so. When you look at the profit-making inclinations and statistics of event marketing, all the sweat, strategy and long hours put in hosting these fun gatherings of people make total sense.

    When it comes to the nitty-gritty of events, the basic motivations all remain the same; keeping guests engaged and driving active promotional leads out of the event.

    One of the ways brands go about doing this is through event activation solutions. Social event activations are a great way for brands to keep attendees happy and engaged, while also building a solid online reputation through delivering a splendid brand experience to guests.

    An event photo booth is one of the most effective ways for brands to achieve both customer satisfaction and positive branding.

    The event photo booth keeps your events’ attendees happy through exciting engagement and optimized outreach through social media on events. It isn’t really difficult to understand why next generation photo booths for events have such an amazing appeal amongst youngsters.

    We all love clicking photos, even more so, getting our photos clicked! A photo booth at your event then only has the effect of stirring people’s natural curiosity and makes them want to take photos with it.

    And let’s get real, who doesn’t love a good selfie? Moreover, since it’s rightfully the age of social media and sharing, people also take great pride in sharing their photos thus taken with the photo booth, with their friends and family online.

    Event management and brand activation agencies highlight the importance of using event photo booths in different, interesting ways to ensure better customer engagement.

    Like almost all social event activations, event photo booths can also be used in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at all the ways an event photo booth for sale offered by event activation agencies can be installed.

    DIY Photobooths

    Although setting up a DIY photobooth can take up a lot of time, effort and research on your part, if you’re able to set up one, the photobooth is most likely to be a raging hit!

    Most youngsters at your event will also have attended another similar branding event, in which they’d have come across a professional event photo booth.

    If you’re also planning to invite a lot of social media influencers, the same thing goes.

    When they see that you have actually spent time and effort on setting up a DIY photobooth, they’re likely to be impressed and take photos with it for the different experience!

    And since social media thrives on the sheer power of suggestion and endorsement, it’s truly magical what authentic user-generated content can do to your brand’s popularity!

    If you want to try your hand at DIY Photo Booths but are too afraid to dabble into the endless technicalities, there are certain event activation companies that can help you out and provide you with the necessary support needed.

    There are many event management and brand activation agencies that help their clients develop a unique, DIY photobooth whilst keeping in mind the customer satisfaction part and the online popularity mandate.

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    Out-of-The-Box PhotoBooths

    Who said event photo booths for sale can only consist of cameras, printers and people? You can play around with as many elements in the Photo Booth as your imagination can think up! Think quirky backdrops, fun, crazy props, matching dress codes for your guests, entertaining filters and literally anything else!

    Out-Of-The-Box photo booths don’t involve just props and outward elements. Placing photo booth ‘helpers’ or people extremely familiar with the working of the photo booth around it to help guests looking to click their photos, is also a great, unconventional idea!

    In addition to this, you can also give out prizes for ‘The Best Selfie’, ‘Best crazy selfie’, ‘Best selfie concept’ etc. to further boost your guests’ enthusiasm and spirit!

    All these things show that you’ve actually put in some well-thought-out effort into setting up your event photo booth, and thus create a lasting impression in the minds of your guests.

    Lots of event activation companies help their clients set up conceptual, out-of-the-box photo booths that help them get authentic user-generated content as well as make guests attending their events, happy!

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    Photo Booth Placement

    Photo Booth placement is another thing to take care of while setting up event photo booths for sale. Choosing the right place to set up your photo booth is as important to your event as designing unique, out-of-the-box photo booths.

    Like all event activation solutions, event photo booths work best when they receive constant attention and influx of guests.

    If you place the event photo booth at a place that’s scuttled deep within the venue and is somewhat out of the way, your guests might not ever get around to noticing it in the first place, let alone using it.

    It’s important that you place the event photo booth at a location where it’s easily accessible to people all around the event. You should ideally choose a location that’s easily visible from all over the place, and is virtually unavoidable.

    Also, if you notice that your guests are hesitant to click their photos from the photo booth, join in the fun with them yourself, or get some people in the event deployment team to help them ease up.

    Just grab a few teammates, put on some crazy props, make silly faces and start snapping! This gesture will make people feel confident enough to take a chance on the photo booth themselves, and help you get a lot of amazing, authentic user-generated content.

    You could also set up makeshift ‘gift counters’ near the photo booth kiosk, to try to pique the interest of guests.

    If guests witness some commotion at the photo booth, they’re more likely to try it out themselves.

    Event photo booths are a form of social event activations, and are an amazing way for brands to build up their social media presence through the usage of authentic user-generated content.

    If you like what you read and are ready to try out a photo booth for your next event, get in touch with event activation agencies near you right away!