• Photobooth for events February 7, 2019

    Events That Must Have A Photo Booth

    If wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that today’s millennial generation is a total fan of crazy selfies, photos from every angle & good-looking candids. What appeases such a click-crazy mass of people, you ask? Photos, ofcourse!

    Here’s where a Photo Booth, which is an interactive & dynamic photo generator with additional social media sharing options, comes in the picture, by clicking your guest’s fun photos & giving them an option to share it via social media & generates a quick print-out for them as a keepsake!

    As fun & interesting as it sounds, it’s always a jam deciding which events actually need a Photo Booth installed!

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    Below, we’ll look at some events that’ll definitely benefit from using Photo Booth!

    Corporate Events

    Majority of Corporate events, whether they be prestigious award ceremonies, product launches or fun bashes, can always greatly benefit from dynamic & fun Photo Booth solution.

    Attendees can capture their selfies from photobooth for corporate events, with the photobooth prompting them to share the pictures on Social Media with the unique hashtag for the event, following which they’ll get an instant print out of their photos as keepsakes for the event.

    It has multiple benefits, for one, it increases your event’s social footprint & makes it an eventual hit on Social Media, & two, it gives your guests a visual, handy memory to take back with them.

    A win win for all!

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    Who doesn’t want their wedding to be a massive celebration, both offline & online? In this era of rapid digitalization, leaving a mark on Social Media is as important as any other aspect of an event, especially one as grand as Wedding!

    Photo Booth is the perfect choice for a wedding, as it expertly channelizes your guests’ enthusiasm to get that perfect selfie to post it on Social Media by helping them get their perfect shot & giving them a handy print-out of the photo as a keepsake as soon as they post it on their social accounts with your unique hashtag! Wedding Photobooth sure sounds fun, doesn’t it? Trust us, it really is!

    Birthday Parties

    As fun & lively birthday bashes are, they can be made even more fun by installing an interactive Photo Booth for birthday party for all your selfie-crazed guests & family members!

    Party photobooth works best both ways, giving your guests a handy keepsake of their photographs & increased social traction for your party as everybody shares their photos on Social Media with your unique hashtag!

    Talk about a fun internet party!

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    Nightclub Party Promotions

    Themed parties at nightclubs are the perfect opportunities for a fun Photo Booth experimentation. With people from all around the city flocking to the venue to be a part of the fun, you can maximize its online reach by employing a party Photo Booth that clicks interactive photos of your guests & gives them an instant print out as a keepsake along with the option for them to share it on social media with your unique hashtag!

    School Dances

    Photo Booth is a perfect bet for giving an interesting social twist to an event already fun as a School Dance! With students all around just dancing & having oodles of fun, it’s the perfect time to take the event online & make it memorable for everyone attending!

    No matter what kind of event you’re planning to come up with, Photo Booth is always a fun addition that has the power to propel your event to major social media success!

    If all this got you interested & intrigued enough to want to try it for yourself, you’re at just the right place!

    Wootclub offers you customized Photo Booth Hire as well as other social solutions that channelize your branding efforts & helps your events leave a larger social media impact!