• product launches with experiential marketing May 30, 2019

    How To Make Product Launches Perfect With Experiential Marketing?

    A product launch is a one-of-a-kind event that has the potential to make or break the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

    Companies these days are quickly realizing that it isn’t just enough to put thoughts and efforts into the product that you’re building, but also to pucker out ways to launch and market it efficiently.

    This is where experiential marketing solutions come in, with interactive tech gizmos that cater to the modern audience, crazy about photos.

    With tech pieces like social mosaic, tweet cafe, 3D holographic, instagram hashtag printer, photo and GIF booths, experiential marketing solutions bring a whole new gamut of engaging and entertaining opportunities to your product launch event.

    Below, we discuss just how!

    Make Your Audience A Part Of The Event

    It always feels good to belong somewhere, and don’t underestimate the guaranteed positive effects, including your audience in your product launch event, will have on your brand in the long run.

    And for today’s selfie crazy generation, this can be done in a multitude of ways through interactive tech solutions like, a few of which we list below.

    Instagram Hashtag Printer

    instagram hashtag printer

    An interactive tech solution that lets your guests pose in crazy ways, get a picture clicked, post it on social media channels and get an instant print-out to take home as a branded keepsake of the event. Simply get your event on social media with instagram photo printer and witness the success of your event.

    With such creative possibilities, instagram hashtag printer is a truly ingenious way to get your audience entertained and engaged in your event, as well as make them feel like a part of the evening.

    What’s more, the instagram hashtag printer can be easily aggregated with other brand activation solutions like the photo mosaic wall, and furthermore, are a great way to spread authentic word-of-mouth about your events, giving your product a much needed public exposure and trustworthiness.

    Social Media Photo Booth

    Photo Booth & GIF Booth

    A platform to provide your guests with great photos of them as well as a sense of belonging to your event, the photo booth makes your product launch event immersive and engaging for your guests, and also provides your event with authentic UGC.

    All the exposure is sure to spread some good word-of-mouth about your product and increase the trustworthiness of your brand.

    With fun, creative options to click a photo or make a wacky GIF, the GIF booth is a perfect entree for your product launch event to give your guests a great time and also take your brand’s social media to profile up by a few notches.

    Social Mosaic

    social mosaic

    If there’s anything your guests will remember way more clearly than anything else at your product launch event, it’s the social mosaic, also known as photo mosaic wall. A fun, creative way to get your guests to be engaged and become a part of your event, the social mosaic is the perfect addition to your product launch event. It is the best way to utilize user-generated content post event too.

    An interactive tech solution that aggregates your guests’ photos to create an innovative, fun and creative ‘bigger picture’, it sets the theme of your event into motion and makes for a perfect picture and talking material.

    Define Your Product’s Mass Appeal

    Product Launch Experiential Technology

    Whenever launching a new product, it’s important to understand and define how it will appeal to your customers, and classify it accordingly into different demographics.

    Once that is through, it’s also important to get your audience and guests to understand exactly how your product will help them in their daily lives.

    A fun way to do this is to walk your customers through a creatively put together tutorial, either through video, audio or other innovative methods.

    It’s guaranteed to make your product launch events absolutely fun and memorable for your guests.

    Set Goals For Your Product Launch Event

    Set Goals

    It’s important to set goals for your launch events, however small or big. It could be something as simple as getting 500 people to attend your event and getting almost 50% of them to give authentic word-of-mouth for your product and brand.

    Once goal-setting is underway, you can go full throttle on your events and your product launch strategy along with the social media marketing strategies you planned for the event promotions.

    Also, the data deducted from product launch goals and their completion statistics can be effectively used to further derive strategies for the onward promotion of the product and the brand associated with it.

    Research The Market

    market research

    It’s important to know just how the market you’re thinking of launching your product in, is! Not only it gives you a clear idea of the terrain you’re thinking of jumping into, but also the much-needed motivation for promotional strategies.

    Aside from the marketing information, it also provides you with a fair idea of the challenges, speed bumps and potholes that you might encounter on your promotional trail for your newest product.

    Analyze Your Competition

    analyse competitor

    Getting a firm grip on what strategies your competitors are following to market their products, will not only get your brand ahead of others but also give you a well-researched idea of the various promotional gimmicks you could use to promote your product and brand.

    Furthermore, closely following your competition will also help you stay on your toes and constantly increase the performance bar when it comes to promotional strategies for your product.

    So that’s how you build a truly memorable and effortless product launch, that won’t only cement your product as effortlessly successful, but also your brand as friendly, relatable and authentic.

    So go ahead, and make your product launches superbly successful and unforgettable!