• Experiential Marketing Solutions By Wootclub October 16, 2019

    Experiential Marketing: Why Choose Wootclub?

    Are you an upcoming business with an impressive product(s)? Have you been struggling with consumer engagements and views on your product? Are you looking for ways to further your brand prospects and reach more people? You’ve landed at just the right place!

    Experiential Marketing offers you the opportunity to both market your brand unapologetically, and simultaneously connect with potential customers!

    Through a variety of user-friendly, fun and creative solutions, experiential marketing makes your brand stand out from amongst the rest.

    Below, we’ll explore precisely what makes experiential marketing solutions so popular in the marketing landscape.

    Why Experiential Marketing: It’s Benefits & Basics

    At a time when customers have become increasingly aware of their choices, marketers have witnessed a significant shift in marketing trends. 

    Customers no longer gawk at the multi scope, massive branding campaigns or elaborate TV ads. They’re looking for an intimate, better brand connect and memorable experiences. Experiential marketing solutions, with their endless fun and creative possibilities, provide the perfect outlet for your brand to be discovered and engaged with!

    Besides, marketing experts have proof that experiential marketing campaigns deliver the best ROIs and lead to increased sales plus multiple leads!

    The topmost brands regularly utilize experiential marketing solutions to gain leads on new potential customers, substantially increase sales in coming quarters, as well as establish a better brand image.

    Experiential marketing solutions are of different types. Photo Booths among these are intensely popular. Comprising of high-quality cameras and other fun customization options, these are a surefire hit among new masses who’re too photo-crazy!

    Why Wootclub?

    All this talk isn’t going to help if you don’t know how to implement experiential marketing solutions for your brand effectively.

    This is where we come in, to help you draw out and employ your experiential marketing strategy successfully! 

    Wootclub is a well-known, reputed and preferred experiential marketing agency, with a long list of prestigious clientele and latest marketing strategies up our sleeves!

    With our multiple varieties of experiential marketing solutions, we aim to launch our clients’ brands into the sphere of experiential marketing excellence through memorable customer experiences and increased sales!

    Some of Our Effective, Fun & Creative Solutions are:

    Magic Mirror

    It also offers customization abilities like emojis, stickers and text to make your users’ photos much more exciting! The photo booth also gives them an option to post their pictures on their social media profiles along with your event’s unique hashtag! It leads to increased curiosity around your event and makes for heightened following.

    Hashtag & Social Cafe or Tweet Cafe

    A fun, creative experiential marketing solution that gives out surprise gifts to your guests for tweeting about your event! The Hashtag Social Cafe is a perfect experiential marketing solution for any occasion, whether a branded event or a private party like birthday, anniversary etc. 

    Not only does it lead to better engagement for your guests, but it also makes for good word-of-mouth through pushing loads of authentic UGC. 

    Hashtag Printer

    Perhaps the most popular of all experiential marketing solutions, the Instagram Hashtag Printer is a fun photo booth to have at wedding parties, product launches etc.

    It takes good quality photos of your guests and gives them a handy print-out of it! The photo booth also has integrated options to allow guests to post their pictures on social media using your event’s unique hashtag! This leads to better brand visibility and increased exposure for your business!

    PhotoBox & GIF Booths

    The PhotoBox and GIF Booths take this generation’s photo craze a step further by introducing the concept of GIFs and short videos. Young people especially love this photo booth, as it allows them to capture their most fun, creative moments at the event. It also lets them post their GIFs/videos to their Socials profiles. 

    As with all other solutions in our list, the PhotoBox and GIF Booths lead to better consumer engagement and good word-of-mouth from all the authentic UGC going around! 

    Social 360

    A fun setup with multiple cameras that clicks pictures of your guests from every angle and makes them feel like a celebrity! The Social 360 comes with integrated social media sharing options that let your guests post their photos/videos on their social media profiles along with your event’s unique hashtag. 

    AR Selfie

    Nobody loves anything more than a virtual escape from reality! The AR Selfie PhotoBooth allows them to do just that! Your guests get their photos taken on a green screen that they can later get converted into their dream backdrops! The guests will then get an option to post their pictures on social media profiles along with the event’s unique hashtag. 

    3D Hologram Fan

    3D Holograms are the recent fad for this generation. What can be said in words is now being put into beautiful, expressive 3D visuals. Brands and individuals alike have been utilizing the 3D Hologram for engaging viewers and attracting new customers to their branded events. It ensures better user outreach & attracts potential customers! 

    Social Mosaic

    The Social Mosaic is a fun, creative experiential marketing solution that utilizes all your guests’ photos to create a virtual wall. The Photos of your guests are placed on the virtual wall strategically to invoke a particular theme that resonates with your event. 

    If you’re planning to host a branded event or looking for ways to spice up a private party, our fun interactive tech solutions are the best bet for you! Hire our solutions and change the shape of your events, whether branded or personal! Check out our range of experiential marketing solutions.