• Power of Experiential Marketing and Brand Activations December 21, 2019

    The Power of Creating Experiences in Today’s Cultured Conference Landscape

    These days, experiential marketing solutions and experiential technology marketing have been on the rise and are considered to be a major part of the current trends in the world of marketing.

    Brand activation services are generally better received by Millenials and gen Z who value experiences over possessions. This also means that traditional marketing doesn’t work as effectively on them as they’re usually not interested in focusing only on the selling points of products or services.

    In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the different aspects, how brand activation services work and experiential technology for conferences.

    Power of Experiential Marketing and Brand Activations

    Before we start talking about experiential technology for conferences specifically, let’s take a look at a brief overview of experiential marketing and brand activations in general.

    Experiential marketing refers to the form of marketing which is all about experiences. Instead of honing down on the key selling points of the product or service, experiential marketing invites the customer to “experience” the brand’s core values with the intention of creating a meaningful, authentic relationship between the brand and the customer.

    Conferences and Live Experiences

    An experiential marketing agency understands the power of creating immersive live experiences with the intention of engaging audiences and inviting them to indulge in a relationship with the brand.

    As the focus is shifting from learning to engagement when it comes to conferences these days, more marketers are using experiential technology for conferences to make their conferences more engaging for an audience that is young and disillusioned with the traditional marketing tactics.

    Experiential marketing solutions can be used to deliver a conference experience that is impactful and will leave a lasting impression on the audiences. By including brand activations and live experiences in the conferences, you give the audiences a lot of things to discuss well after the conference is over.

    How to do a Brand Activation Well?

    While brand activations and experiential marketing are highly effective, creating a good brand experience for any kind of audience is not really that simple. Here are some key points for creating a good brand activation:

    1. A Strong Concept

    Every experiential marketing agency knows that any brand experience is only as good as the concept that drives it. Everything about the activation is directly related to the core concept and if the core concept is not unique, compatible, or executable, the brand activation’s quality will suffer.

    2. Customer Insight

    As the objective of experiential marketing is primarily to create a connection between the brand and the customer, customer insight is an important part of any activation. Every activation should be optimized to fit the target audience best.

    3. Promotional Merchandise

    One of the most important aspects of brand activations is promotional merchandise. This is especially true when it comes to events like conferences. By giving away the right kind of promotional merchandise to your audiences, you’ll create a better recall value of the brand in the mind of the attendees.

    4. Realistic Budget

    The budget is very important when it comes to planning a brand activation. While a bigger budget can obviously be used to create a better brand experience, finding the right balance between quality and affordability is very important.

    5. Amplification

    Once the brand activation is set up, the next step is to create an amplification strategy that is focused on promoting the activation on as many platforms as possible. Social media sharing is often used as a tool to promote brand experiences by activation agencies all over the world. Learn more about social media strategies to amplify your event.

    Live Events and Experiential Marketing in Your Marketing Plan

    Live events and experiential technology marketing can take your marketing initiatives to the next level but there are a few things you need to consider before including them into your brand’s marketing plans.

    Some important points to think over include ensuring that the brand experience is in-line with the brand’s core values, ascertaining an estimation of the ROI, and to ensure that the brand’s promise and value would be felt for everyone attending the live activation.

    Lastly, it is important to ensure that the brand’s activation will be engaging with the target audiences. This requires a lot of research and optimization to ensure that the final activation is made to fit into the target audience’s worldview and taste.


    These days, hosting just a great conference is not enough. Brands that work on creating conference experiences instead of just conferences will eventually get higher engagement at their conferences and leave a more lasting impression on the minds of the attendees.

    While brand activation services can increase a lot of engagement for brands of any sizes, doing them correctly can be tricky and most brands usually prefer using the services of a dedicated experiential agency like Wootclub to manage their experiential marketing initiatives.