• Experiential Marketing February 7, 2019

    Experiential Marketing – The Hidden Ace Of CMOs Everywhere

    It is an incredible time to be alive when the boundaries of human imagination and innovation are being pushed. How an average person perceives and experiences an array of things daily is being changed even more. One of the major contributors to this change is the involvement of the internet in just about every facet of modern life. The web with its infinite potential has aided marketers in promoting their brands in increasingly creative ways. Yet pushing too much content online is bound to make your audiences lose interest sooner or later. After all viewing things online can hardly compare to experiencing them in real life. This is where Experiential Marketing comes in.

    It is a unique way to provide your audience with an engaging and impactful brand experience in real time. This strategy is based on a simple observation that connections and associations are better built upon something tangible instead of 2D concepts presented online.

    Most popularly seen in events and as experiential brand activation, it is the next big thing in the market. And with the sheer volume of products and services churned out of the Internet of Things, experiential marketing is reaching new heights in terms of active participation from the masses. Capitalizing on the momentum and power of these cool new tools is what many people are looking to do these days.

    Experiential Marketing Solutions

    Here are some of the reasons why Chief Marketing Officers today should shift their attention to these interactive solutions to their branding problems:

    Building Trust and Relationship

    It has often been stated that consumers will buy a product or service only after they are convinced by what the marketer is offering, and what better way is there to convince other than inspiring trust in your audience. Experiential marketing allows your audience to experience and perceive the brand the way you want them to, in real life. This one-on-one interaction with the people also allows a relationship and positive association to develop based on their engagement in the experiential activation. Not only will your audience remember this type of marketing, but this will also make it easier to stay with your brand.

    Live Feedback

    When your target groups actively participate in events, activation and interactive solutions, you get to see firsthand, their response to your marketing efforts. This is an easy way to know what is working and why, and vice versa. Understanding of what is popular and trending with the audiences is essential for marketing. Experiential marketing only enhances this understanding and clarifies what next would work in the same direction.

    Efficient Information Flow

    These are a really efficient and engaging way to convey relevant information to the audience in real time, along with doing promotional work of the same online too. The loop of information created is inclusive and interactive in more than one way. It is a mutually beneficial way to get data for record keeping, analysis and insights. Another bonus of such marketing campaigns is the word of mouth publicity that lingers in people’s perceptions.

    New Creative Avenues

    As is the case with many new explorations of the web, experiential marketing strategies also allow you to venture into new vistas of professional creativity. Including fun yet functional endeavours of digitally enabled tech with marketing gives it the potential to be exponentially better than before. Project-specific products developed for activations and events are a great example of this.

    When heading new assignments and campaigns, experiential marketing tools and strategies are a great option to help you achieve your set goals. Woot Club provides a number of such tools to uplift and make your brand experience memorable for the audience. Take a look at the array of products such as the Hashtag Printer, Social Mosaic, Magic Mirror, PhotoBox and GIF Booths etc to see what best suits your purpose. We aim to make your marketing process engaged and enjoyable for everyone!