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    Get Your Event On Social Media With Instagram Hashtag Printer

    This age of social media gives a whole new meaning to the phrase- a picture is worth a thousand words. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc are flooded with photos. With cameras readily available in smartphones, people capture all the important moments of their lives and share them online on various platforms. Ranging from personal to professional, photographs are an easy tool to convey a lot of information without boring the audience.

    Events, especially, are known for attracting crowds and it often difficult to keep them engaged in the activity. Now, a hashtag printer is a device that is fun as well as participative. The functioning of an Instagram Hashtag Printer can be understood in these three simple steps.

    How It Works?

    Hashtag Printer For Events

    Click a Picture

    This is the simplest one, all you have to do is click a picture of or at the event. Whether it is a photo covering the event, or people or even a selfie, a picture clicked related to the event is all that is needed.

    Add the Hashtag

    Visitors are provided with a specific hashtag for the event, which the people will tag their photos with when posting them online. The device recognises that hashtag and prints pictures tagged with it.

    Get a Print

    Attendees will get a tangible keepsake of the event in the form of a printed photo/souvenir to take back home with them.

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    The hashtag printer is an innovative step towards combining event activities with social media promotions. With all this originally user-generated content, you can do a lot to increase the popularity of the event with comparatively little effort. Here are some important pros of having hashtag printer for events.

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    Why Use Hashtag Printer For Events?

    Targeting The Youth

    Social media platforms have one of the widest youth user bases along with events being a hub of activity, a hashtag printer combines both these youth-centric elements together in the best of ways.

    Making The Events More Fun

    Who doesn’t like to click pictures? It is a fun activity on its own and as a participant activity at an event, the fun only increases. A memorable souvenir to take back from the event is an added bonus.

    Social Media Marketing

    The Instagram printer works in a specific way that requires the picture to be first posted online with your given hashtag and only then it can be printed. This ensures that your hashtag is popularised by the visitors, in turn publicising your event.

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    Streamlining The Audience

    At events, you can place the hashtag printer in an area where you want the audience to move. Similarly, the given hashtag for online posting directs the viewers to your event page or related photos.

    Keeping Record

    The visitors do photo documentation of your event when they post about it and get the prints. Because of the hashtag, you can keep a track of these photos and can later use them for your own pages, website and other online platforms.

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    Woot Club offers sophisticated Hashtag Printers for your event needs for fun engagement activities. With our services, you can customize your branding efforts, promote hashtag campaigns and even collect database.