• Photo Booths For Events April 23, 2019

    A Definitive Guide To All Kinds Of Photo Booth For Events

    Photo and GIF booths for events aren’t any more a luxury for corporate biggies or casual parties, in fact, they’re pretty much a necessity, considering the selfie-crazy generation that it is today!

    Marketing biggies, which almost always need to up their game to trend in the viral, ever-changing realm of social media, have much use for these fun, interactive and superbly creative tech solutions in order to stay on top of the relevancy pyramid!

    As for personal parties, who don’t really want their birthday or anniversary bash to be the most talked about thing in the town. Photo Booth for events are just the perfect way for you to accomplish that.

    There is no better way for corporate events and casual parties to channel this generation’s love of selfies into a source of authentic, user-driven UGC on social media!

    Here, we break down the most popular Photo Booth for events!

    Hashtag Printer Booth

    Instagram Hashtag Printer Booth

    Also known as Instagram Hashtag Printer, it is a fun, interactive piece of social media tech that lets your guests click a creative selfie and get to keep an instant print-out of the same, once they share it on social media along with your event’s unique hashtag!

    It not only gives your attendees a branded keepsake from the event, but also makes the events super fun and virally talked about!

    Affable and easy to install, Hashtag Printer Booths are just as much in their element in corporate events as they’re at personal, casual parties and celebratory occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, etc.

    Instagram hashtag printer booth for events have had a heavy hand in making a few current hashtag campaigns viral and a household name all over the world, with their creative technology and ease-of-usage!

    Photo and GIF Booth

    Photo Booth & Gif Booth

    A creative and interactive addition to your events, the Photo and GIF Booths enable your guests to take their fun and quirky selfies and make creative, attention-catching GIFs, and share those on their social media along with your event’s unique hashtag.

    The Photo booth and GIF photo booth not only keeps your guests interested and engaged all the while, but also gives your event its much needed social media hype in the form of authentic UGC!

    Now, there’s no need to bother with preparing massive albums or shelling out tons of money on a professional photographer when you avail these services!

    With options to click and customize your photos according to your mood and needs, there really isn’t any better alternative to Photo Booth!

    Magic Mirror Photo Booth

    Magic Mirror Photo Booth

    A truly magical addition to your corporate events and birthday or anniversary parties, Magic Mirror Photo Booths are a fun, interactive way to engage and entertain your attendees wholly and simultaneously generate genuine social media UGC for your event!

    Just have your guests pose in front of the mirror, take creative selfies or groupies and customize them with fun stickers, effects, emojis etc. and share those on social media along with your event’s unique hashtag! Just a few steps, and your event’s social media hype will suddenly go up a few notches!

    Next morning when all people talk about on social media is your event or party, you know just what did the magic!

    360 Photo Booth

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    A quirky, interactive and creative format, 360 Photo Booth, also known as Social 360, is an engaging photo booth for events that gives your guests the experience of a high-end paparazzi photo shoot!

    Your guests pose creatively and get clicked from every angle with strategically placed cameras all around the location, which they can then share via social media with your event’s unique hashtag, to give your event a considerably higher online traction than ever!

    Alternatively, your guests could also choose to get their videos made up with 360 photo booth’s bundled up options of live GIFs, in-the-moment videos and slo-mo, which would not only be rememberable for the attendees themselves, but also act as a source of fun UGC for your event!

    Photo Booth for events have no doubt, become the go-to social media marketing strategy for corporate brands and people hosting lavish private bashes equally! Fun, easy-to-use and highly creative, Photo Booths rule the roost of interactive technology solutions when it comes to making otherwise sedate events and parties, oodles of fun and flooding with photos, GIFs, and motion captures all around!

    See your event attendees turning into your brand influencers!

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