• Hashtags for Events August 13, 2019

    Definitive Guide To Hashtags For Events – The Best Ways To Use Them

    Hashtags are everywhere, whether you like them or not! They are at weddings, birthday & anniversary parties, corporate events and product launches!

    There have been umpteen examples of brands that launched themselves into the global sphere with an impactful, powerful hashtag, and gained popularity as well as achieved increased brand reputation, among other things!

    No wonder then, that it’s essential to choose a meaningful, relevant and ‘loud’ hashtag for your event as well so that you stand out from the rest!

    While having the power to tell a tale in just a few words, hashtags are also a powerful tool for brand mobility and are able to get your followers worked up in a similar, shared sentiment.

    Besides carrying so much people power, hashtags are also an integral part of experiential marketing solutions that brands employ to give their guests an unforgettable experience at their events.

    Experiential marketing solutions like the Instagram Hashtag Photo Printer, tweet cafe aka social hashtag cafe for events, social photo mosaic wall and other event photo printer rental solutions, are extensively based on brand hashtag alone.

    Since experiential technology solutions help increase your brand’s reach exponentially, choosing the right hashtag for your brand’s event is extremely important.

    Below, we tell you the most popular ways in which you can use hashtags at your events!

    A Hashtag Printer at Product Launch Events

    Hashtag Printer For Events

    Product launch events are unique in the sense that they’re full of unlimited scope for original promotional ideas and firebrand marketing schemes. As is wont of such high-intensity events, brands usually employ creative marketing tools to harness the power of social media and other public channels to target the maximum number of customers they can! 

    Instagram Photo Box or Instagram Photo Booth as it’s widely known, is a wildly popular experiential marketing tool used to amplify your event’s social media reach and awareness among potential customers. Needless to say then, that it’s an innately important must-have at your brand’s product launch events.

    Not only does the Instagram Hashtag Printer allow your guests to unleash their creative, original side through photos, but it also gives them memories to take home, along with skyrocketing social media reach for your launch event! 

    Social Hashtag Cafe for Events

    Social Tweet Cafe

    What’s better than having your guests willingly tweet out to their followers about your events? The one way you can make this happen is through the tweet cafe!

    The Social Hashtag cafe for events is a bang-on way to keep your guests from getting bored to tears, while at the same time generate an overflow of authentic UGC for your brand!

    How the tweet cafe does this, is pretty simple too. It gives out exciting gifts to your guests, once they tweet something about your event, using your event’s unique hashtag. 

    Not only does this activity result in a considerably increased social media reach for your event, but it also leads to a surge in authentic UGC generated for your brand, along with better word-of-mouth from your potential customers!

    Social Photo Mosaic Wall

    Photo Mosaic Wall

    The hashtag mosaic wall for events, also known simply as photo mosaic wall, is an experiential marketing solution employed at events to help brands establish a genuine connection with their audience and make every one of their guests feel involved. 

    The Photo Mosaic Wall is usually a make-shift ‘wall’, on which guest photos taken from event photo printer rentals are creatively placed together to create a venerable masterpiece! 

    The hashtag mosaic wall is wonderful in the sense that it invokes your guests to pose for photographs, click & print them, and place them together on the wall in order to get your guests feeling involved and a part of the event. 

    This activity is designed to help you establish real, authentic connections with your guests, all the while simultaneously generating genuine UGC for your brand, as the guests click away pictures of the photo mosaic wall, and post it to their social media profiles along with your event’s unique hashtag!

    AR Selfie Booth

    AR Selfie Booth

    Something people love even more than attending branded events is getting their photos clicked in a virtual reality setting! Your guests would swoon all over your event if you give them a virtual, out-of-body experience, and the fastest way to accomplish this is to install the AR Selfie Booth at your events!

    With the AR Selfie Photobooth, your guests will get a virtual photo-op experience, which they can then share with their followers on their social media profiles along with your event’s unique hashtag! This won’t just give your guests a memorable experience, but also gives your brand an increased social media presence along with genuine word-of-mouth from satisfied guests!

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    Want to make your guests feel truly special and cherished at your events? There is no better alternative to achieve this than the Social 360 Photo Booth, an experiential marketing solution that gives your guests a memorable celebrity-Esque photo-op experience!

    A setup with cameras placed at every angle, it snaps static photos, videos and GIFs of your guests doing their thing at your events! It also comes with integrated social media sharing options that let your guests share their creative photos with their followers on their social media along with your event’s unique hashtag. 

    The end result, is inevitable that your guests walk home smugly satisfied with their celeb-like photos, videos and GIFs, and you get creative, authentic UGC for your events, thus popularizing your brand amongst masses!

    Magic Mirror Photo Booth

    The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a great choice of event photo printer rental, that is employed in events to enable your guests to take creative, crazy photos with the photo booth, that comes with endless customization options to make their photos uber fun! 

    What’s more, it comes with integrated social media sharing add-ons that let your guests instantly share their fun photos on their social media profiles along with your event’s unique hashtag, thus making your event’s and your brand’s social media reach shoot higher! Needless to say, a good hashtag will be the defining factor in this activity, as it’s what will make the online audience stop dead in their tracks and give a second look to your guests’ posts at your event!

    As is evident from the above blog, choosing the right hashtag is quite important for your event, whether it’s about transforming your corporate event, or a casual birthday or anniversary party. A rightly chosen hashtag correctly puts your perspective into an alphabetical picture, and shows your allegiance, values, integrity and moral stand. On the lighter side, it represents fun, and makes your brand a bit more approachable to your audience. In the end, it helps your brand develop a strong standing among your audience, and provides you with a platform to share your goals, ideals and motivations with your current and potential customers. All through the power of Hashtags & Social Media!