• How To Create A Strong Brand Activation Campaign? February 29, 2020

    How To Create A Strong Brand Activation Campaign?

    Brand Activation is a term that is used widely every now and then amongst marketers. What does it actually mean? Why does any brand need activation? How do you know that your brand needs activation? This term is quite confusing for any layman or for anyone who is taking notice of them for the first time.

    Brand activation is typically a unique process that focuses on turning a less known brand into a renowned and recognized one through different marketing trends. Marketers utilize different kinds of marketing to introduce the brand to their target audiences through effective interactions.

    Brand activation marketing includes several campaigns to engage the target audience and improve brand value. Every brand, regardless of how big or small, needs to rely upon brand activation and build a brand activation strategy to be on the top of the game.

    Below are some methods of brand activation used by any good event management and brand activation agency.

    • Promotional Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Experiential Marketing
    • Sampling Campaigns
    • Guerilla Marketing
    • Sponsorship and partnership leverage

    All of these marketing campaigns help a company to become a brand if used wisely. You can always refer to the best marketing campaigns done by giants in the industry.

    Why Brand Activation Is Necessary?

    Brand Activation

    Brand activation is all about creating a buzz and a lasting experience. Whether you are launching a new service/product or have just started your business, it is a great way of reaching your potential consumers and creating your brand awareness. For example, many people from older generations put their trust in mobile phones from Nokia, even though Nokia has stopped manufacturing phones. But since, at that time, Nokia was a mobile phone giant and most people from that generation had Nokia phones, people find an emotional attachment with the Nokia brand. That is the kind of effect that brand activation leaves on your consumers.

    Brand activation itself does a lot of marketing for your brand, technically reducing the cost involved in advertisements. Brand activation marketing campaigns need to be planned to be able to receive more consumer attraction. With marketing activation, you can leave a lasting impact on your potential consumers and leave them to talk about your brand even after the completion of the campaign. Learn what makes or breaks a brand activation marketing campaigns?

    Through your brand activation campaign, you can change the way your audience perceives your company and products. Also, these campaigns aren’t necessarily forced upon the audience. The audience gets to decide whether they want to interact with your brand through your campaign or not, unlike traditional advertisement marketing. And a volunteer two-way communication builds trust and instils the brand reliability in the audience.

    Step By Step Guide

    Brand Activation Ideas

    It would be best if you understood everything about brand activation and research about it thoroughly before you hire any event management and brand activation agency to plan and execute marketing activation campaigns for you. Brand activation neither has a special modus operandi, nor does it require a huge budget. Rather it needs more strategy and creative approach.

    Below are some steps for successful brand activation marketing campaigns.

    1. Decide the goal of your market activation campaign. You need to identify what it is that you want to achieve through your activation campaign.
    2. Dedicate a budget to the campaign. Even though the brand activation doesn’t require a huge budget, you should always dedicate a budget that you are willing to spend on the campaign to reduce the chances of an ineffective campaign.
    3. Identify your audience and target them. It is very important to design a campaign according to your audience. If you will not target the right set of audiences, your campaign is more likely to be a failure.
    4. Create a “call to action” that will help you accomplish your goal. It is equally important that your campaign should always have an aim. After attracting your audience’s attention, you must always benefit from the attention and call them to action. For example, if your goal is to increase participation in your upcoming event, ask them to register.
    5. Make your marketing go viral on social media platforms to let people know and talk about it. Mouth publicity is one of the most reliable publicities for ages. You just need to light a spark and let the fire break out.

    How To Benefit From Social Media?

    Social Media for Brand Activation

    To create an insightful impact, remember to include below pointers while marketing your campaign on social media. A strategic marketing approach will help you expand your reach and address a wider range of potential customers. A good brand activation company will always be aware of these key points and design the plan of action accordingly.

    • Always create a hashtag for your event to make it easy for people to search and be a part of the campaign through their own posts. 
    • Stories and posts on social media should be regular in order to keep your audience engaged.
    • Keep the privacy setting open for your audience to let them post on your social media page or tag your page in their posts. 
    • Be open to have a conversation with or answer the queries of people who are interested in your brand/campaign.
    • Capture and share all the fun moments from your campaign on social media. Your campaign should always have your voice. Even though the participants of the event would post the memories, you should always give it your touch to market your brand properly. 

    Important Things To Remember

    Brand Activation Campaign

    Whatever brand activation campaign you plan, you must always make your brand visible all over the place. You shouldn’t ever leave this out because if they don’t know who is behind the event, it’s just a fun-affair and doesn’t serve the purpose. Additionally, you may increase your sales by associating the event with a new service or product launch and giving the audience a first-hand trial experience at the event. Here is how to make your product launches perfect with experiential marketing?

    The event or campaign should be short and impressive. If a campaign is lengthened, it loses its significance and people lose their interest. The campaign should leave a lasting impression to hold people on to talk about it for a long time.

    Your campaign should be audience-oriented instead of brand-oriented to keep your audience engaged. One way marketing is an old way of advertisement. Interactive and engaging campaigns is the need of today’s brand activation marketing campaigns.

    You may let your audience be involved in your campaign through social media too. This will increase your brand awareness. Have them share their experience on their social media pages using your campaign hashtag.


    Brand activation is very important for every company as the competition is huge. There are so many companies who would be providing the same products or services as you. It’s all about building your brand value and making consumers aware of your products and services effectively. To help you to make your brand activation a huge success, you may contact a good brand activation company. By creating a strong and innovative brand activation campaign you can stay ahead in the race.

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