• Green screen photo booth (chroma keying) June 27, 2019

    How To Rule The Green Screen (Chroma Keying) Photo Booth?

    Green screen photo booths are ruling the roost when it comes to providing lasting entertainment to guests at branded marketing events. Also known as augmented reality photo booths, these are interactive technology solutions that allow your guests to pose in front of a green screen, which then gets turned into whatever they want.

    Super fun and creative, AR selfie booths are a great way to get your guests engaged in your event, as well as give you a free flow of authentic UGC.

    Below, we give you 5 of the most creative and inspired ways to employ the AR photo booth in your events.

    Exotic Land Safari

    AR Photo Booth

    It doesn’t matter if your event is being held in downtown LA, Navi Mumbai, Andheri, Gurgaon or any other, regular place, when you can easily transport your guests to the vast deserts of Abu Dhabi, the starry skyline of Las Vegas, the beautiful sunset of New York, and lots more!

    Exotic land safari is perhaps the most in-demand chroma keying choices for green screen photo booths, and is sure to guarantee increased guest participation and engagement in your events, all of which translates into better, creative and authentic UGC for your brand.

    Out-Of-The-World Travel

    Sometimes, the already existing sceneries of the world aren’t engaging enough for your guests, and you begin to feel it’s time to give them something new. Inter-galaxy travel, space snaps and zero gravity GIF experiments are perfect for such a scenario when you’d want your guests to have an extraordinary AR photo booth experience!

    Take them to a trip to Mars, snap a pic of them running on Venus’s rings, picture them atop Uranus or land them on the moon, the options are limitless, just like the authentic UGC opportunities the AR selfie booth provides your brand!

    Experiment With Abstract Art

    AR Selfie Photo Booth

    Abstract art patterns and posters are in these days, and while some in the marketing faction might be sceptical, brands all around the world are increasingly incorporating geometric art patterns, frames and posters in their Augmented Reality Photo Booths to give their guests a new photo-op experience to enjoy and cherish!

    And nobody said it couldn’t be fun too! Only when you let your guests play around with abstract art forms, patterns, posters, paintings and sketches, will you notice what a difference it has made to your event and unique UGC generated for your brand!

    A Spin In The Time Machine

    Everybody has a favourite era they’d love to visit or live in! AR selfie booths give you the perfect opportunity to drive this nostalgia into creative, highly original and fun UGC through green screen photo booths.

    Give your guests the experience of posing amidst the backdrop of their favourite historical era and encourage them to undertake flights of fancy to the ancient history, and share their photographic adventures with their followers on social media using your event’s unique hashtag.

    Needless to say, this not only makes the entire activity memorable for your guests but also gives your brand floods of authentic UGC to tap into! Also, an amazing marketing trend for the newest generation (Gen Z).

    Get Weird. Simple.

    AR Selfie

    The best AR photo booth experiments are those that involve candid photography of your guests making funny faces, posing in quirky ways and just plain being themselves!

    Give your guests a great time by making them unleash their cuckoo side in front of the green screen, and make great use of the tons of creative, fun and original UGC generated!

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