• Hashtag printing at events March 12, 2020

    How To Run A Hashtag Printing Event Smoothly?

    This digital era demands digital engagement tools to surge the success of an event. “Hashtag Campaign” is one of these unique tools to woo the guests’ engagement and increase your event’s popularity. You must understand the need for a unique and amazing hashtag for your event. Hashtags take the user engagement to another level and bring all the posts & reposts under one umbrella. A hashtag printer at your event increases the excitement and lets your guests take memories home with them in the form of pictures. Today many event photo printer rental services are available in the market to make your event the talk of the town.

    With the realisation that hashtags are explicitly important for an event, you must also understand that installing a hashtag printer at your event is not enough. Having a smooth process is equally important to prevent possible hashtag printing disasters. Read this definitive guide to hashtags for events & the best ways to use them.

    Social media hashtag printing requires skilful execution. It means that the operator should be well aware of social media basics that help in the seamless implementation of your hashtag campaign. What are the basics of social media that you need to take care of to run hashtag printing at your event smoothly? Read on!

    Printing Instagram Hashtag

    Hashtag Printer

    Not everyone at your event will be familiar with navigation on Instagram. Some people might have an account but may never actually use it. Or some people might be used to operating Facebook accounts but not Instagram. Few people just scroll but never post. So, it is quite improbable that all of your attendees will be able to use the Instagram hashtag printer by themselves. For some people, your instructions wouldn’t be enough either. It would help if you were prepared to make everyone comfortable at your hashtag printing event booth. Knowing every fundamental of getting your event on social media with Instagram hashtag printer becomes essential here.

    Get Them To Post With Hashtag

    The first and most important thing is posting a picture. Have your guests click a picture at the event and post it on Instagram. They need to type your event’s hashtag in the caption. The hashtag photo printer won’t detect the hashtag even if there is the slightest variation in the spelling of the hashtag and the post. So, you need to make sure that they are typing the hashtag correctly.

    Login – Tap on plus icon at the bottom – Choose the image – Edit with effects & filters – Tap ‘Next’ – Write caption including the #HashTag – Post.

    Tag Your Brand in The Caption

    Although hashtag will do the job for you, getting your guests to @mention your brand by tagging in the caption is a great way of making connections. You may ask them to tag your Insta page in the caption along with the hashtag. This way, you will be increasing your popularity amongst your guests’ followers.

    Set Account To Be Public

    The Instagram hashtag printer only prints photos from public accounts. You would need to get your guests to change their account settings from private to public in order to get the printer to pull their pictures.

    Tap the profile icon – tap the menu on the top right corner – choose settings – select privacy and security – select account privacy – Change privacy.

    At any moment, if you get stuck and the social hashtag printer doesn’t print a picture for your guest, you should be able to troubleshoot the problem keeping the above pointers in mind.

    Printing Twitter Hashtag

    Selfie at party

    Twitter is a platform that many people use and many don’t. Many older people would have the app installed but would not be using it. You may turn every Twitter account at your event into a promoter for your event. All you need to know is some basics of social media hashtag printing and how to operate a Twitter account. The rules are the same as above.

    Post Picture With Hashtag

    The hashtag is the main element of your campaign. Ask your guests to click a picture at the event that can be a group photo, a picture of the event or just a selfie. Get it posted on twitter with your event’s unique hashtag.

    Click feather icon on the top right corner – tap the image icon – select a photo – Type the caption with the #hashtag – Tap ‘Tweet’.

    Get Your Brand Tagged

    Similar to Instagram, you may get your brand tagged along with the hashtag in the user’s caption. Tagging your Twitter page doesn’t have to do anything with the social hashtag printer but it does mark your presence on social media and increases brand/event awareness amongst Twitterati’s.

    Private To Public

    As mentioned above, a hashtag photo printer takes inputs only from public accounts. That is why you must check whether or not a user’s account is set to public. If the account is set to be private, follow the below steps to change the setting to ‘public’.

    Tap the profile picture – Select “Settings and Privacy” – Choose “ Privacy and Safety” – Disable “Protect your tweets”.

    If any of your guests do not use any social media, you may still help them be a part of your event and hashtag campaign. You should click their picture and post it on your event’s social media page with the hashtag. Give them the printout and fill their evening with joy.

    If you are short of teammates to operate the printer, you may opt for an event photo printer rental service. They actually send one person for assistance with the social media hashtag printing event. If you are able to run your hashtag campaign successfully, you have already taken a leap in user engagement.