• User Generated Content for Social Media April 4, 2019

    How to Utilize User-Generated Content Post Event

    The definition of User Generated Content is simple – it encompasses any and every type of content related to a brand that is created and shared by its followers or fans. The content may be of any type like pictures, videos, blog posts, and testimonials.

    User generated content is an amazing opportunity for brands to promote themselves through their users instead of doing it directly.

    Is user generated content really powerful? According to statistics, 86% of millennials judge the quality of a brand by its UGC and around 69% of social media users in the age group of 18-24 make purchasing decisions majorly based on information shared on social media. UGC plays a gigantic role in today’s internet.

    Why UGC Works

    It’s customer-centric.

    It places the attention back on the customer while promoting the brand at the same time, resulting in a win-win.

    It’s authentic.

    A large portion of users does not trust marketers and marketing gimmicks. Instead, they crave something real, something they can connect and relate to. UGC fills this gap by being authentic as it is created by real users with real stories.

    It’s cost-effective.

    UGC is a cost-effective and impactful option for brands to promote themselves.

    How to Create UGC for your brand?

    User Generated ContentSource: GetApp Lab

    There are numerous ways to incentivize followers of your brand to create amazing UGC. Here are some ideas that you can use:


    • Contests are already popular on social media. Most of them do not ask much from the participants and usually ask them to tag a friend or to follow an account. However, contests are a great method to invite your audience to create great UGC for your brand.
    • By emotionally connecting with their audience on social media, brands can expect some great UGC from their followers.

    Turn customer into stories!

    • By celebrating their fans’ stories, a brand can create a very inviting incentive for their fans to come up with some great UGC.
    • A lot of marketing campaigns based on UGC revolve around sharing and celebrating real stories of their customers and featuring them on the brand’s social media.

    UGC in events

    • It can be argued that UGC in events is absolutely vital for its success in the context of digital media and marketing.
    • Social media pictures and videos serve as word-of-mouth marketing in today’s digital world. It is authentic, cost-effective, and can also be fun.
    • There are many ways to create UGC in events. One such example can be a huge photo mosaic wall created from photos taken at your event that depicts your brand’s logo.

    Social Mosaic – The Ultimate UGC Tool

    social mosaic

    Social Mosaic is a photo mosaic wall for brands that can be utilized in any event, regardless of its size, to create not just user generated content but user generated artwork! It allows you to create UGC innovatively using a mosaic wall for events.

    All you have to do is tell the attendees of your event to share their favourite pictures of the day with your event’s hashtag. Social Mosaic will gather all the images from social media that are posted with your hashtag and combine them together to create a digital or printed user generated photo wall.

    It provides an avenue for the attendees of your event to connect with your brand on a personal level and gives them an incentive to share UGC on their social media by featuring them on the photo mosaic wall for brands.

    Social Mosaic can be utilized for events of any size by offering different sized canvases for different sized events.

    Some benefits of using Social Mosaic at your next event

    • Generate massive UGC for your brand.
    • Connect with the attendees on an emotional level.
    • Enhance your event’s digital presence.
    • Creates a talking point for attendees of the event.
    • Helps in creating a narrative where the users feel they are literally a part of the brand’s identity.

    Try Social Mosaic

    Utilize UGC Post Event

    As previously stated, UGC has tremendous marketing power for brands and events and we discussed some ways by which brands can encourage users to create UGC for them in a fun and engaging manner.

    The next natural question is how to utilize the created UGC post-event. You can find some ideas for UGC utilization below:

    Use the content on your website!

    By using user-generated content on your website, not only are you demonstrating massive social proof to potential customers but are also valuing your existing customer base by featuring and celebrating their content on a public stage.

    Use UGC in your advertising!

    UGC is also great for use in advertising. By including real stories from real people, you can create some great advertising initiatives for your brand.

    Include UGC in your email marketing!

    Include the UGC in your next email marketing campaign. People love to see authentic users supporting your brand and are more likely to convert based on the UGC