• marketing trends for gen z June 19, 2019

    Marketing Trends for Gen Z

    As millennials give way to the newest generation of phone-in-each-hands, experience-hungry, changeable, elusive and selfie crazy youngsters, the biggest challenge brands and companies face today is to market effectively to the latest lot of potential customers.

    As a few brands and companies have already figured out through sheer disappointment and disillusionment, traditional marketing practices like cold emailing, press releases and boring media buzz events will fall flat on the face when it comes to making the Gen Z interested.

    Close on the heels of the predicament, came the puzzlement as brands began scrabbling for solutions to get their young audience interested enough to turn into potential customers.

    Gen Z marketing

    Research into the ongoing trends in marketing led to the conclusion that fun and inclusive branded events can help in transfiguring sales and customer satisfaction rates.

    The solution came in the form of experiential technology marketing that are mostly interactive technology solutions designed to make your events entertaining, engaging and extremely fun for your guests.

    Below, we break down the top experiential technology solutions that are guaranteed to make your event popular with your audience and resonate well with your brand.


    Magic Mirror

    Magic Mirror for Gen Z

    An enjoyable and creative experiential marketing solution that snaps fantastic photos of your guests, and comes with integrated options to allow them to share those across their social media platforms with your event’s unique hashtag!

    It also packs excellent customization capabilities to give your photos an added touch of originality and imagination!

    Full of unlimited fun possibilities, the Magic Mirror is an absolute must-have for branded events, especially if you’re looking to get the younger lot of your customers interested and intrigued enough to consider your brand.

    Hashtag and Social Cafe

    Hashtag Social Tweet Cafe

    A creative interactive technology solution that gives out unexpected gifts to your guests for tweeting about your event using your event’s unique hashtag.

    As fun as it sounds, it’s actually that entertaining and engaging to deploy at your events, as it solves two purposes at once. Not just it lets your guests have a great time at your event, which further enables them to take home beautiful memories, but it also spreads the word about your event. It helps your brand to establish a strong foothold in the online community, as your twitter addicted guests tweet away about your event in the hopes of getting a surprise from the hashtag cafe.

    Hashtag Printer

    instagram hashtag printer

    Uber-fun and superbly creative, Hashtag Printer provides your guests with an outlet for their original expression and gives them amazing, great photos to take home with them as part of the branded event.

    The Instagram hashtag printer for events also comes with integrated options to allow your guests to share their photos on their social media platforms, which further leads to increased traction for your brand on social media and the amazing publicity you get through all the authentic UGC floating around.

    Photobox and GIF Booths

    Photobox and Gif Booth

    A modern and fun twist on the traditional photo booth, the Photobox and GIF Booths allow your guests to take their photos or make fun, quirky GIFs out of them!

    The photo and GIF booths for events come with integrated options to share these across their social media profiles with your event’s unique hashtag that furthers your brand’s social footprint, as well as let your guests have happy and amazing memories of your event!

    Social 360

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    If there’s one thing your guests are sure to love, it’s getting an exclusive, VIP treatment at your events, being made to feel like a celebrity with a whole camera crew behind them, and the Social 360 is designed to help you accomplish just that!

    An elaborated setup that snaps your guests’ photos freeze snaps and GIFs from every angle, the Social 360 photo booth for events makes each of your guests feel included and treated specially.

    The guests have the added option to share their photos, GIFs or freeze snaps on their Social Media channels with your event’s unique hashtag, that provides increased traction to your event and lends amazing, authentic UGC to your brand.

    AR Selfie

    AR Selfie Photo Booth

    Who doesn’t love a great photo, also at a great scenic location? While many of us make our photo-op dreams come through, some of us aren’t able to do so! This is where AR Selfie photo booth comes into play, with an option for your guests to snap their photos in front of a green screen, that makes their photo fantasies come true.

    Fun, creative and totally far-out, the AR Selfie photo booth is a must-have at your corporate event or branded event if you’re looking to catch the attention of the Gen Z into becoming potential customers of your brand.

    Social Mosaic

    Social Mosaic

    Your guests are much more likely to walk home with fabulous memories from your event if you make them feel included and a holistic part of your event! And while the other interactive technology solutions mentioned above accomplish this purpose to some degree, the Social Mosaic is just the perfect option to make every guest feel included and appreciated.

    A fun solution that utilizes each of your guests’ photos and places them together strategically to form a creative masterpiece that outlines the theme of your event organically, the Social Mosaic is as inventive and entertaining as it sounds.

    Deploying the Social Mosaic at your event ensures not just your brand’s heightened social media reach, but also makes your guests go home with sublime memories of the event, a move that might very well translate into increased sales and customer turnout for your brand.

    There, we have listed the top experiential marketing trends and solutions for your events, if promotion and marketing your brand to the Gen Z is on your mind. We hope you found this helpful.

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