• Photo Booths for Events July 15, 2019

    All About The Next-Generation Photo Booths For Events

    Behold the scene. A bunch of youngsters giggling and making funny poses in front of a photo booth that gives them their photos in a handy, printed format in return for a tweet, post or any other social media activity!

    No, the scenario just described isn’t from a high school prom party (though it could very well be a possibility), but a high-profile branded event. How does the off-beat and slightly casual Photo Booth fit in, you ask? Well, because 2019-2020 is all about technologically sound, next-generation Photo Booths, and you better get the hang of it if you’re looking to make an impression at your next promotional or marketing event.

    The ones we’re dealing with right now are the ultra-famous Instagram Hashtag Printer, GIF Photobooth, Magic Mirror and the AR Selfie PhotoBox Booth, among others.

    Below, we break down the top modern photo booths that you should definitely be using at your events, and why they’re such a rage among the masses!

    Modern Photo Booths for Events

    Instagram Hashtag Printer

    Hashtag Printer For Events

    Perhaps the most popular PhotoBooth out there, and one that we have probably all experienced at a certain brand’s promotional event, a birthday party or anniversary party. The Instagram hashtag printer, or Insta Photo Booth as it’s formally called, is an interactive tech solution that prompts your guests to click creative photos either alone or with friends. Share those on their Instagram profiles using your event’s unique hashtag, post which they get a printed version of the picture to take home with them as a keepsake! Not only does it give your event’s social media standing a significant boost, but it also makes your guests walk home with fantastic, memorable memories from your event!

    GIF Photo Booth

    Photo Booth & GIF Booth

    Another photo booth that’s taking the event world by storm, is the Photobox GIF Photo Booth. Spunky and wacky, these photo booths snap stills as well as GIFs of your guests doing fun, crazy things. The guests can then choose to share their photos and GIFs thus made on their social media profiles using your event’s unique hashtag! 

    Primarily born out of a reckoning of the fact that fun, casual and light-hearted event tidbits attract a greater audience than does strict formalities or classic overtures, GIF Photobooths are the perfect experiential marketing solution to loosen your guests’ inhibitions while simultaneously getting buzz for your event along with heightened social media traction for your brand.

    AR Selfie Photo Booth

    AR Photo Booth

    Who doesn’t love a pleasant escape from reality? AR Selfie Photo Booth, or AR/VR PhotoBooth as it’s sometimes called, is the perfect example of our obsession with the ethereal, the virtual, false, and marketing event managers have been quick to recognize and realize this particular fact about us!

    And thus came the strategic rise of the AR Selfie Photobooth, perpetuated in part, by the new photo booth agencies around!

    Armed with high-quality cameras, a green screen and an array of virtual effects, the AR Selfie Photo Booths blend imagination and reality in a matter of photos, for your guests to click and relish, and for your brand, substantially increased social media presence. 

    With such exciting and creative ‘virtual’ capabilities, it’s no wonder that AR Selfie Photo Booths became the experiential marketing rage they’re today in event marketing circles.

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    Social 360 Photo Booth

    Outright, if you’d ask any modern booth photo agency the best way to ensure your guests feel connected to, are engaged with, and made to feel special in your marketing events, we would just say, Social 360 photo booth. Also known as the 360 photo booth, it’s a creative next-generation photobooth that is designed to make your guests feel utterly special and believe they’re being paid personal attention to.

    It comes with a setup of cameras placed at strategic angles to snap photos/videos/GIFs of your guests from any and every angle that they choose, thus giving them amazing memories to take back home with them, and great social traction to your brand.

    From up and coming brands to huge, established players, everyone has been using the Social 360 PhotoBooth successfully to lure guests and keep them engaged and entertained throughout the event!

    Magic Mirror

    Magic Mirror

    Magic it is, really. How the Magic Mirror, the next generation Photobox booth, transforms marketing events into a celebration of guests’ creativity and craziness in equal doses, remains a mystery to even the most professional eyes in the event marketing industry. All we know and care about, however, is that the Magic Mirror photo booth draws customers towards them like honeybees towards a honey pot.

    Give credit to its fun, creative and crazy photo customizing options, the scope of excellent photo-op situations it provides, and the opportunities of giving your customers incredible memorabilia to walk home with plus considerably multiplied social media traction for your brand. 

    A tried and tested experiential marketing solution. The Magic Mirror is espoused by multiple top-level modern photo booth agencies to boost the social media presence of major brands across the globe, both established ones and the rising ones.

    Social Mosaic

    Photo Mosaic Wall

    No matter what other facilities you provide to your guests, they’re much more likely to remember your event if you make them feel like they were a part of your event in some way. The best way to mark your guests’ contribution in a tangible way, is through the Photo Mosaic Wall.

    An experiential marketing technique that involves setting up GIF or simple photo booths that snaps fun photos of your guests, which can later be utilized to set up a massive creative masterpiece that represents your event’s theme in one way or the other, the Social Mosaic (Photo Mosaic Wall) is fun, original and exciting at the same time.

    Designed to make the average audience feel like they too are an inseparable part of the event, the Social Mosaic is truly a blessing to event managers all around and brands that have hired these to increase their social traction!

    Next-generation photo booths are the way out from an event trail stuck in old tricks and taboos of cold marketing and is insensitive to audience participation and engagement. Photobox booths, GIF photobooth are the perfect instruments to get your guests interested in and engaged with your events!

    You can hire a photo booth, or get one from any modern photo booth agency that puts up photo booths for sale, and watch your events turn into a kaleidoscope of fun, frolic and excitement!