• Brand Activation Agency January 13, 2020

    Questions To Ask From Brand Activation Agency

    Though it is called by many other names, experiential marketing boils down to engaging potential customers directly and making them participants in the growth of your brand. Whether it is called engagement marketing or event marketing, the essence of any experiential marketing technology is the active participation of the target audience.

    It is this engagement of your customer by a brand activation agency that helps your brand connect with them, as opposed to them disregarding your traditional marketing efforts after being fed up with them. A demonstration or real-life experience of how a product or service works is far more successful in convincing people about your brand’s genuineness as compared to just talking about it. Any experiential technology company these days focuses on interactive activities like live demos, sampling of products and launch events that engage the audiences, but instead uses experiential marketing technology to do so.

    When you find a brand activation agency or an experiential technology company to undertake your marketing endeavours, there are some important things to ascertain beforehand to get the maximum benefits. Here is a list of things you need to check and questions that the brand activation company needs to answer before being hired:

    #1 – Is your Experiential Marketing Company really into experiential marketing?

    When you hire a brand activation agency or an experiential technology company, make sure that it is what the company specialises in. You don’t want experts in one field to take on and attempt tasks in another field. Like an AC repair person can’t do the work of a mechanic, similarly, advertising or PR agencies can’t do the work of a brand activation company.

    #2 – Does the company know your target audience?

    Marketing of any kind requires the marketer to identify and understand the target audience of your brand. It does not come in a set package that works equally well for everyone all the time. The company you hire needs to have the skills to find the target group and deliver experiential marketing to the right people, otherwise, the whole effort is a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

    #3 – How proficient are they digitally?

    This is a digital age and it is undeniable that if you are not with the trends, then you will be left behind in the market. To ensure that brand awareness does not stop at just one-time brand activation and can be extended with digital media support. Find an activation company that amplifies the reach of your marketing efforts through both digital and social channels, giving the audience a multi-dimensional experience.

    #4 – Are you on the same page about ROI?

    The live and dynamic nature of experiential marketing technology enables it to either give you an ROI even better than your expectations or conversely, fail completely. Therefore, it is necessary to first decide whether the optimal Return Of Investment is your driving factor for any marketing effort or is it the continued push for brand awareness. Before you get further in any association with an experiential marketing agency, define this end result first.

    #5 – Does the firm have the right resources?

    In terms of infrastructure, logistics, and human resources, any experiential technology company needs to have access to the best. These may include experiential marketing expert staff, transportation, venues, set-builders, the right technology and so much more. Hence, you should definitely take a look at the resources at the disposal of the experiential marketing agency ahead of hiring them.

    #6 – What is the measure of the project’s success?

    We discussed above that the end goal of your experiential marketing techniques needs to be clear, be it ROI or brand awareness. However, it does not just stop there. The measure of your success can be defined by a number of small and big goals that together accomplish your goal. So if you are confused about how to measure a tangible success in experiential marketing, there are ways to do so.

    #7 – What training do brand ambassadors get?

    The on-ground team and the field staff an experiential marketing agency are essentially the extensions of your own brand’s team. In fact, to the consumer, these people are the approachable face of the brand. That is why you should enquire about the kind of qualifications and training such staff receive. Your marketing will only be successful if the customer’s experience is as flawless as possible, meaning that the human element in the exercise also held accountable to the same standard of performance.

    When you are on the lookout for the best possible activation technology available to you, these are some of the questions that will build the foundation of your relationship with it. So if you are unsure about even one of these above-mentioned points, continue to search for a better company to get the best results as possible at the end.