• PhotoBooth Vendor August 7, 2019

    6 Questions You Must Ask Your PhotoBooth Vendor

    If we asked you to name the most common occurrence in modern parties, what would your answer be? No, we mean besides cake & confetti & food & decoration & all! Yes, it’d be a portable PhotoBooth. Photo Booth hires are probably the most omnipresent experiential marketing solution employed by individuals and marketeers alike at their events!

    And the reasons are pretty simple to guess, too. With the endless fun photo-op possibilities, multi-faceted benefits and the entertainment factor, a portable Photo Booth is your best bet when it comes to keeping your guests engaged and giving them something to remember your event by!

    But all these splendid benefits only show themselves when you select the right photo booth tailored to your event, your needs and the kind of guests that’ll be attending. 

    Photobox and Gif Booth

    #1 The Photo Quality Of The Booth

    No matter how fancy the booth and the equipment looks, at the end of the day, it’s supposed to click excellent pictures of you and your guests! So, while choosing a photobooth vendor or zeroing in on a modern photo booth agency, the quality of the photo booth should be the first thing on your mind, and all the frills & freebies should factor in later. 

    #2 The Background Options & The Props

    This generally goes for AR Selfie Booths and Instagram Hashtag Printers, for they click photographs against a digitally manipulated backdrop which depends on the choice of the users. 

    The general rule for an AR Selfie Photo Booth hire should be to check the choices and the variety of fantasy backdrops they provide. 

    For Instagram Hashtag Printer Photobooths, the kind of props the photobooth vendor is willing to provide should also be a point of consideration. Depending on the theme and the occasion of your event and the demographics of your guests, they are more likely to participate in getting clicked by the hashtag printer photo booth if you provide props like moustaches, magic wands, pom-poms etc. 

    The more imaginative and entertaining the options, the better it is for your event. All people need these days is an escape of some kind from reality, and if you provide your guests with it while also making it fun, they’re more likely to remember your event.

    If you’re a marketer, you very well know the value of such a retention, and the guaranteed benefits it assures your brand in the form of increased sales & better recall value!

    #3 The Camera Setup 

    The Camera Setup that accompanies the booth should also be a priority consideration when you’re looking to buy a photo booth from a PhotoBooth vendor. Most event photo booths for sale come with specifically designed camera setups that aid in clicking fun, spontaneous photos of your guests while enjoying themselves at your event!

    The most famous example of this is the Social 360 Photo Booth or the 360-degree photo booth. Laced with cameras set up at every angle, it snaps fun photos/videos/GIFs of your guests at their spontaneous best in your events!

    Many photo booths come with a multi-camera set up to help create truly memorable photo-op moments for your guests, and you should definitely keep this in mind when choosing a modern photo booth agency. 

    #4 Social Media Sharing Options

    At the end of the day, you must remember that the reasons you’re looking to buy a photo booth, or get a photo booth hire, is so that your guests walk home happily with their fun photos, and you go home with an increased social media traction for your brand!

    The former can be easily achieved by good quality cameras in the photo booth, while the latter requires specific social media sharing options to be embedded in your photo booth. 

    Many modern photo booth agencies ensure that their portable photo booths come integrated with additional social media sharing options, that allow your guests to share their clicked photos on their social media profiles instantly. 

    Putting some extra incentives on your guests using your event’s official hashtag along with their posts, also guarantees heightened social media traction for your event!

    #5 Customizations The Photo Booth Allows

    In photo booths like the Magic Mirror, the number and the kind of customizations the Photo Booths allow also factor in the consideration for which photo booth service to choose. 

    Magic Mirror is essentially an experiential marketing photo booth that snaps fun photos of your guests and allows them to customize those photos with quirky, random customization options!

    When hiring a portable photo booth, you should also look at the customizations options available, so that you can give your guests a truly memorable photo-op experience at your branded events!

    #6 The Number Of Successful Events In The Agency’s Portfolio

    As they say, success speaks for itself! It holds even truer for when you’re deciding to buy a photo booth, or photo booth hire, from a photobooth vendor or a new photo booth agency. Check their portfolio for the brands they’ve been associated with, and the number of successful events their photo booths has been a part of! The more prestigious and successful brands and events, the more influential the agency will be!

    Choosing the right photobooth vendor or photo booth agency is a relatively simple task, once you have your requirements settled out! So go ahead, and choose your next photo booth from the many photo booth agencies and vendors around!