• Magic Mirror for Events February 24, 2020

    Reinvent Out of Home Advertising with AR Mirror Photo Booths

    Out-of-home advertising, also known as outdoor advertising, is advertising that is meant to reach the consumer while they are outside their homes or when they are on the go. One of the most popular methods of OOH advertising is billboard advertising.

    While traditionally most of the OOH advertising was print, the form of advertising has been improvised in the digital age by incorporating technological advances such as using digital billboards instead of printed ones.

    In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how magic mirror technology can be used in the process of reinventing OOH advertising in a digital age.

    AR Mirror Photo Booths

    An AR Mirror Photo Booth is a touch screen smart mirror that looks like a normal full-length mirror. The magic mirror photo booth is powered by augmented reality software which allows the users to interact with virtual objects on the mirror’s screen.

    Other than the augmented reality, the magic mirror photo booth has dedicated hardware like a camera and a screen that enable the mirror to capture and display the images. Other software is often used for face detection and tracking, detecting motion, and powering the augmented reality capacities of the touch screen smart mirror.

    For the end-user, the magic mirror photo booth can seem like a magical experience where they just have to walk up to the magic mirror and watch themselves in the screen with augmented reality elements such as 2D and 3D characters, backgrounds, and props that can be interacted with and moved as per the wishes of the user.

    A touch screen smart mirror that is powered by the magic mirror technology also doesn’t require the usage of a green screen, which makes it feel more immersive for the user.

    Brands love using next generation photo booths for events to reach their target audience in fun ways. The touch screen smart mirror ensures that the user is at the centre of the attention. This creates a lot of opportunities when it comes to advertising and sending the right marketing messages at events.

    Overall, magic mirror technology not only improves the user experience for the attendees of any event but it also provides a powerful platform for brands to connect with audiences in a much more immersive, experience-based way.

    Out of Home (OOH) Advertising

    As mentioned early, Out of Home (OOH) advertising is advertising that is focused on audiences that are on the go. Previously, one of the most popular forms of advertising was billboard advertising where the target audience would receive the marketing message usually while driving.

    However, as the world kept on becoming a digital one, OOH advertising started focusing more on using digital media to both reduce costs and improve the targeting and user experience.

    Augmented reality has become a part of mainstream culture with popular social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram creating tons of augmented reality filters. For most brands, their target market is already used to using AI and understand its pros and features.

    This makes sense for brands to invest and buy interactive magic mirror photo ops to reinvent their Out of Home (OOH) advertising strategy.
    Due to the increasing demand, it is pretty easy to find a touch screen smart mirror for sale with a number of companies creating products that help in experiential marketing and taking OOH to the next level.

    Why Buy Magic Photo Mirror?

    A lot of brands either use magic mirror booth hire online services for creating more engagement at their events and to increase the ROI on the advertising initiatives.

    Some brands might actually buy a touch screen smart mirror for sale as the magic mirror doesn’t have to be fixed to any specific event as it is a digital device and can be used for a number of versatile purposes.

    Out of Home (OOH) Advertising and The Magic Mirror

    There are a number of applications and countless possibilities when it comes to the magic mirror as the digital device can be programmed to support any brand initiative at any event, regardless of the product or the service.

    Some examples of using magic mirror technology in Out of Home (OOH) advertising includes:

    • Allowing a user to try on the brand’s latest clothes or apparel line directly just by standing in front of the mirror. The magic mirror can make it seem like they’re actually wearing the item and can also provide social sharing options which add to the marketing value provided to the brand.
    • Allowing a user to travel to a faraway destination by standing in front of the mirror. This can be used by brands that are in the travel and tourism industry to promote their new packages. Due to the immersive experiences, the target audience is more likely to react to the marketing initiative than just by taking a look at a photo or a brochure.
    • Allowing a user to try out different tones, shades, and styles of makeup and beauty products. The user would be more willing to try out the product virtually rather than in real life. This allows the user to make a more informed choice and helps in promoting the nuanced products of the beauty and makeup line too.

    As we have already mentioned, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the magic mirror and advertising. An AR photo booth is adaptable and can fit any brand, any event, and any purpose.

    Magic Mirror Technology

    The magic mirror is just an example of how augmented reality is changing the landscape of advertising and marketing. It is very easy to find and buy magic photo mirror as the technology has reached a matured stage in its development.

    The world of marketing and advertising is one that changes very frequently as the technology that drives it also changes. Watch this space to stay up to date on the latest when it comes to AR and magic mirrors.