• Brand Experience in Experiential Marketing Campaign August 27, 2019

    Six Ways To Succeed In Your Experiential Marketing Efforts

    As a brand, do you find yourself asking about getting good Return-On-Investments a lot? Do you often wonder what’s the best way to make your brand popular among the young generation, how to keep the guests at your events entertained and happy, and how to just plan win at experiential marketing?

    Well, it turns out it isn’t such a tough job after all! According to brand experience agency experts, ensuring the success of a brand activation initiative relies heavily on whether your objectives, goals and expectations from the efforts are clear. Once that is out of the way, you can safely bet towards a happy, successful experiential marketing journey for your brand.

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    Below, we bring you 6 ways through which you can practically guarantee success for your digital & brand activation solutions.

    Make Your Experiential Marketing Campaign Successful

    1. Zero down on your audience demographic

    This is the extremely essential first step towards fabricating a successful brand activation solution for your event. Not everybody will be into your brand, products or event, of course, but singling out the ones that are is the first step up the ladder of securing the success of your digital activation solution, according to experiential technology company experts. 

    This can be done easily by taking the help of social media analytics tools and social listening services, that break down your dedicated audience into an approachable, identifiable group. 

    Alternatively, you can also hire a well-known and reputed experiential technology company and brand experience agency.

    You can then set up personalized experiences for these guests, which will then have the domino effect of ensuring success for your event, as well as getting the word out about your brand, through the authentic experiences of your happy guests!

    Hiring experiential marketing agencies is generally a smart move, as having had a hand in setting up multiple digital activation solutions campaigns, know their way around experiential technology events that result in eventual customer satisfaction and higher ROI for your brand.

    2. Set realistic event marketing goals

    This is more important than you think! For the sole reason that when your goals, aspirations and expectations are laid out in a simplified, quantitative format, they’re much more likely to be realized than if you say, have them in a bubble in your head.

    To do this, however, you first need to identify what do you want your goals to be! For example, if your desired goal from an experiential marketing event is to increase your social media reach among potential customers and make your brand a well-known face amongst the youth, you might want to quantify the goal as n number of shares per post from your event by guests, x% increase in followers from the authentic UGC going around, etc. and then set about finding ways to accomplish it.

    To get more information on how to increase your brand & event’s social media reach, check out these powerful & super effective social media marketing strategies to incorporate into your plan.

    3. Find the best possible location for your event

    This one goes without saying, though it’s still something many brands fail to understand. Once you’ve done your homework on the first three points, it’s time to select the perfect location for your event! And no, by the ‘perfect location’, we don’t necessarily mean the most expensive one, or the most ‘happening one’ or the ‘coolest nightclub in town’ etc. It’s important for you to remember that the place you choose for your event, should be a hotspot for your guests (the ones you’ve already identified in the second point), along with being accessible and fun.

    How you can manage to do this, is by figuring out where your potential guests flock via social media sites, ground research and word-of-mouth. It’d take a little more research, but trust us when we say it’s totally worth it.

    4. Build an online community

    More than ever, connections and impressions in today’s world are fleeting and unceremonious, at best. Retained impressions last for shorter durations of time, and it takes lesser time for people to determine the feasibility and worth of something (brand, event, product etc.) 

    Building an online community of your potential attendees can be a powerful first step towards strengthening consumer bonds and give your brand the ability to form deeper, lasting connections with your customers.

    If you wish to establish a genuine rapport with your guests, it’s important to remember to not make your event all about your brand or products. Instead, try to incorporate activities that you know your potential guests are into. Talk about the things they’re into, integrate VR games, interactive photo-booths and AR Selfie booths etc. In today’s times, when it’s all about a great photo/GIF/video and all kinds of visual experiences and memories, you should put a considerable amount of effort in building up an online ‘fan’ community and personalizing your event to these brand ‘stans’ of yours.

    As pointed out before, hiring experiential marketing agencies for your branded event can really work in your favour, as with all the experience and efforts vested in their portfolios, they have sufficient armour to build up your event’s profile socially.

    5. Make every experience shareable

    Once you’ve figured out the p’s and q’s of the initial stage, it’s time to put some work into finalizing the activities that’ll be in your event and the flow. The one thing you should always have in mind while selecting the activities, brand activation solutions, and brilliant experiential marketing technologies for events, is that whatever you’re choosing, should be fun, easy-to-operate, and inclusive.

    In addition, it should also come with integrated options for social media sharing of photos, videos and GIFs of your guests having a fun, memorable time at your event.

    Experiential technology companies often suggest that the best way to get your guests to enjoy their time at your event as well as share good-looking, shareable photos/videos/GIFs, is to employ experiential activation solutions like photo booths at your event.

    Next generation photo booths for events like the Magic Mirror, Instagram Hashtag Printer, Social 360, AR Selfie etc. aren’t only fun as they let your guests click fun, quirky pictures at your event, but also come with integrated social media sharing options that allow your guests to share their photos/videos/GIFs on their social media profiles along with your event’s unique hashtag. To know more about it, read this definitive guide on how to use hashtags for events.

    This doesn’t just churn out shareable and authentic online content for your event, but also increases your event’s (& brand’s) social media footing multi folds.

    6. Have solutions in place to generate amazing, authentic user content

    One of the primary reasons brands decide to dabble in experiential marketing and digital activation solutions is to generate share-worthy, genuine and authentic UGC for event, and in the broader sense of the word, for the brand. 

    Needless to say then, that you’ll have to put in extra hours of work to ensure your events are packed with fun, shareable and entertaining activities to keep your guests engaged & happy.

    If you’re scratching your head right now, wondering just how this will come true, fret not, as brand experience agencies are here to your rescue.

    With brand activation solutions like the Magic Mirror Photobooth, Hashtag and Social Cafe, Instagram Hashtag Printer, Photobox and GIF Booths, Social 360, AR Selfie, 3D Hologram fan and the Social Mosaic, experiential technology companies come armed with ways to keep your guests engaged and entertained, as well as opportunities for your brand to grow through your event, via the agency of the authentic social media content generated at your event.

    Ultimately, experiential marketing efforts are going to go a long way to promote your brand socially, and boost your brand’s social profile by a couple of notches, if and only if you play your cards right.

    By it we mean, obviously, to be on top of things, or take the help of a well-reputed experiential marketing agency or a brand experience agency, to propel your efforts in the right direction, the one towards long-standing success and online glory!