• Social Media Marketing Strategies April 10, 2019

    Social Media Strategies That Deserve Your Attention In 2019

    The world of social media is punctuated by sudden sweeping trends and is often unpredictable. You’d think you have it all figured out but in a minute, things could totally change and leave you confused and looking for answers.

    The best advice experts can give you in this scenario, is constantly changing your social media strategies and staying on top of current trends and sweeping changes that are taking place in the universe of social media out there!

    In this blog, we bring you some of the social media strategies and tools that you must incorporate into your plan if you haven’t already!

    Chatbots and Facebook Messenger Marketing

    FB Chatbot Marketing

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    Ever went on a page, blog or a website, and found a chat pop-up appear, claiming to guide you throughout the virtual space and make you feel at home? Chatbots are extremely popular forms of audience communication these days and have multiple benefits when it comes to forging authentic audience interaction and bonds. For more details, you can read this article about: facebook chat bot marketing.

    Fun, interactive, creative and intimately familiar, Chatbots are definitely smart incorporation into your social media marketing strategy!

    Brand Activations Through On-Event Social Media

    Interactive technology solutions for event activations are a great way to give your brand’s social media presence a head start and your audience and attendees, hoards of colourful, fun memories to take back home with them.

    Brand activation agencies bring about this feat through a host of social media tools such as Photobooth for events, social media walls, Instagram hashtag printer, photo mosaic walls and much more, to give your brand an edge over your competitors in the ever-transient world of Social Media!

    Brand Activation

    Brand Activation in Mixed reality For An Event

    We’ll discuss these, one by one below to give you a better idea.

    Photobooth For Events

    Photo booth for events
    Want to make your event a massive hit on social media as well as make your audience remember it?

    Photobooth for events is just the right social media tool for you to try out!

    With its unique appeal to today’s selfie crazed generation, it’s sure to turn your event into a firebrand hit and something that people will remember.

    Its algorithm includes people clicking fun, interactive photos and sharing those on their social media profiles using your event’s unique hashtag, following which they get their photo as a branded keepsake for themselves.

    Social Media Walls

    Live social media walls are a great and superbly engaging way to entertain your audience and guests at an event or at a wedding!

    It encourages your guests to tweet or post a photo using your event or wedding’s unique hashtag, post their tweets and photos go up on a pre-installed virtual social wall in real-time, for everyone to see.

    Needless to say, social media wall not only makes for total entertainment but also gives your guests a voice to echo their sentiments about the event.

    Instagram Hashtag Printer

    Hashtag Printer Booth
    With the selfie crazy generation that it is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Instagram hashtag printer, an interactive technology solution that allows people to take their pictures, post it on their Instagram using your event’s unique hashtag and get an instant printout as a keepsake for the event, is a massively popular interactive social media tool employed by brands and people alike!

    Instagram hashtag printers have made many a hashtag campaigns gain extraordinary popularity among the masses and helped turn them into superhits among the general populace.

    Photo Mosaic Wall

    Social Mosaic
    Want to give your events or weddings a fun, creative edge? Employ the help of photo mosaic wall, an interactive, fun technological social media solution designed to make your event stand out from the rest!

    Photo mosaic wall uses real-time user generated content, like the photos of your guests(taken from instagram hashtag printer) and placing them together strategically to create a bigger, conceptual picture, which can then be picturized and immortalized on your social media handles!

    Beyond these mega popular solutions, there are other interactive technology solutions like 3D Hologram, AR Selfie and Tweet Cafe etc. which each, when used, help get your event that extra bit to make it rememberable on social media, as well as for your guests.

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    Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    Live Streaming services are on a high rise, effectively turning into the new age video.

    There are multiple benefits of live streaming that precludes its position as the top social media strategy employed by brands and professionals alike.

    Better and more intimate audience interaction is just one of those, as is its cost effectiveness and its authenticity, thanks to the real-time aspect of Live Streaming.

    Whether it’s an event you wish your audience were a part of, a new product launch you want your loyal customer base to watch in real-time, a conference you wish to live stream to showcase your company’s decision making process, or just simply a thought or a plan you feel like letting your audience in on, Live Streaming services are a great, budget-friendly and authentic way to achieve all this!

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI for Social Media Marketing

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    With an abundance of data floating around these days, it’s easy to get lost in the statistics and not be able to find out your way from there!

    That’s where AI comes to your rescue, with smart, efficient data deduction algorithms and softwares that help sort your data, analyze it and give you the power to make a final decision based on the data patterns!

    Incorporating AI in your social media strategy is an absolute must these days, and one that will lead you to eventual success!

    Visual Search

    Visual Marketing

    In today’s data laced world, it’s easy to stumble across anything and then forget what it was. In such a scenario, people generally prefer to make use of the visual search option to figure out exactly what it was. And this is where, you could step in and turn the tide towards yourself, by employing visual search in your favour.

    There are many platforms that utilize this aspect of search like Pinterest, Google Image search to name a few!

    By having a profile over these platforms, you can make the users take a pitstop at your name and go over what your business is all about!

    The world of social media and digital marketing is one of extreme unpredictableness and sudden changes, but riding the waves of current ongoing trends and making smart choices can lend you an exceptional edge over your competitors!

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