• Strategies To Drive Greater Engagement At Your Photobooth Event April 21, 2020

    Strategies To Drive Greater Engagement At Your Photobooth Event

    The culture of installing photo booths at events is not alien to any of us. The key to hosting a successful event lies in the amount of successful engagement that is going to leave the town talking about it even long after the event date. Organisers are using many types of attractions to draw amazing responses from their attendees. The best ones are photo booths.

    Photo booths provide multiple options and leave a huge space to induce creativity. You can get a customized photo booth and even customized set up for your event. You must make sure to create a buzz way before the actual date of the event. Modern Photobox is available in multiple varieties coupled with awe-inspiring technologies.

    Here we’ll tell you some strategies to drive astonishing engagement at your photo booth event.

    Create Exaggerated Buzz

    Create a buzz through social media handles and let people know how stupendous your event is going to be. Let your social media content catch the audience’s attention. Introduce social media campaigns, video posts, contests on all social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok etc. Write blog posts and let people have sneak-peeks of the event preparation and previous edition’s fun.

    Your social posts and every social media marketing content should indicate important details about your event such as date and venue. Ad posts and videos must include the major attractions of your event and intent of your event should be clear in every communication. Email posts are also an amazing way to create awareness about your event weeks ago. The content and posts must become more frequent when the event date is coming closer.

    Audience Engagement

    The odds of people attending your event turn high with greater engagement. Run campaigns that require audience engagement. User-generated content is the raw and purest way of publicity. The unaltered words where an attendee updates his/her followers and friends about their experience at the event is the greatest way of marketing. Photobooths are best options when it comes to brand activation or experiential marketing.

    Hashtag printers are one of the best ways to encourage your attendees to upload event’s pictures and captions on their social media handles. You can also customize the content to showcase your brand and give it to your guests to post. Photobooth for events also drives engagement because who doesn’t like to capture shots.

    Event Hashtag Is A Must

    Your event and event-related content must be easily discoverable. Not choosing a well-thought event hashtag is one mistake that you don’t want to make. A hashtag should be new and should have never been used by anybody else. You must keep it simple with a meaningful combination of easy words. The hashtag helps to keep all the posts at one place and can be referred to anytime.

    The perfect hashtag will bring your guests to post content with the event’s hashtag and create the due promotion that you are aiming for. Keep the hashtag static throughout the event journey, from the beginning of promotions until the end of the event. Event hashtags are a great tool for creating a buzz and awareness amongst people.

    Get Creative With The Photobooth

    Get a booth installed that your attendees would fall in love with. Customized themes will add a personalized touch to the booth. Photo or GIF booth takes the excitement to another level. You can get creative with the photobooth and have it decorated to add to your guests’ enthusiasm. Have a quirky, Insta-worthy photo booth which will give your attendees a fascinating and ever-lasting experience. The photo and gif booth allow them to take memories home with them.

    Choose A Perfect Location

    Installing the photobooth for events at a perfect location is as important as choosing the correct theme. The perfect place for a photo booth will drive 10 times more engagement than a poorly placed booth. The booth should be almost at the centre of the event venue just like it should be the centre of the attraction at your event. The place should not be too crowded so that your guests feel free to pose at the booth and get their favourite pictures clicked.

    Appoint An Enthusiastic Booth Operator

    Not everyone at the event is a pro at clicking pictures. Additionally, there must be someone to attend to your guests and help them at the photo and gif booth. Hire an outgoing and enthusiastic person to operate the booth. The operator should be responsible for managing the crowd at the booth and helping your guests in clicking perfect pictures and uploading them with your hashtags. The operator will have to encourage the attendees to click pictures. They may also start taking pictures with other staff to break the ice.

    Photobooth, hashtag printers, 360-degree photo booth, gif booth, social cafe, etc. are some of the greatest tools to enhance the overall experience for your guests at the event. But knowing that only getting these booths installed is not enough to drive expected engagement. A successful event requires additional efforts. Keep above pointers in mind while setting up an event and bring amazing responses from the masses.