• TikTok marketing for brands April 24, 2020

    5 Ways Brands Can Make The Most Out Of TikTok In 2020

    Whether or not you’re an active Internet user, chances are that you have heard of the viral video entertainment social media platform, TikTok.

    It is a video sharing platform where users either make short, 15 second videos using the app, or upload short videos of themselves, usually lip-synced to some dialogues or music.

    TikTok has gained massive popularity in recent months, with more and more people staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and looking for new entertainment media.

    The platform is full of short funny videos, where users make funny compilations of their pets, dance to popular tunes, hold lip-sync battles with other users and lots more.

    As is the case with lots of other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch and others, TikTok too comes with umpteen marketing potential for brands willing to leverage those.

    TikTok for marketing and advertising isn’t new to some brands, as they have already employed influencers on the platform to inform their viewer base about their products or services.

    In some other cases, a few innovative brands have also made verified TikTok accounts through which they regularly and frequently interact with their user base on the app.

    However, if your brand doesn’t fall into the ambit of TikTok’s current user base, you might be a bit apprehensive about the validity of using TikTok for advertising.

    But considering the growing popularity and manifold increasing user base of the app, it’s vital that you come up with new, creative ways to market your products and services to your customer base.

    And since most products and services these days are aimed at the young, working population, most of whom also make up the large majority of users who engage with social media platforms like TikTok, it should be easy to see why using TikTok for marketing purposes makes sense.

    The app makers have also thought extensively about the marketing features it provides to its users, and hence worked on modifying the app to best suit their needs.

    It’s ‘For You’ section, for example, shows content best tailored to suit a viewer’s watching preferences, making use of its smart data-driven algorithm. According to the app makers, the ‘For You’ section is also the space where TikTok users spend most of their time while on the app.

    Adding two & two together, one can easily see that they can leverage Tiktok for events and advertising purposes using certain strategic hashtags and content meta tags. These hashtags and meta tags will help the content show up in more and more users’ For You customized feeds, thus increasing the brands’ user reach and base.

    There are also a lot of other ways in which brands can use TikTok for events, advertising and marketing purposes. Below, we tell you 5 ways in which your brands can make the best use of TikTok for advertising. Read on to know more.

    1. TikTok For Advertising

    Tiktok for advertising

    Unlike Snapchat which was vague regarding its marketing and advertising terms in the beginning, TikTok is actually an advertising specific video entertainment social media platform.

    Its unique data-driven algorithm makes it so much easier for brands to place advertisements at strategic points in an organic or branded video.

    The platform also provides a separate advertiser-centric website consisting of well-researched case studies, explainer videos and all the relevant information brands need to push advertisements on the platform.

    TikTok also provides advertisers with specific information regarding user demographics, engagement rates and number of users reached to help them devise better strategies for advertising.

    Depending on your advertising content, your ads can show at the bottom of the targeted user videos, or within the video at a certain interval, not unlike YouTube ads.

    TikTok also provides hyperlinks at the bottom of any sponsored content, thus redirecting users to the advertiser website and increasing user engagement and reach.

    2. Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencers are a huge part of the social media marketing strategy of any brand these days, whether huge or upcoming.

    Influencers are of a lot of types; huge influencers with millions of followers that include celebrities, models, singers, actors, musicians, comedians and so on; micro influencers that include lifestyle bloggers, travel bloggers, makeup artists, YouTubers etc. and nano-influencers with small, localized followings that are, regardless of their comparatively light positioning, listened to by their loyal fan base.

    If your brand plans to use TikTok for advertising, influencer marketing is going to be a huge part of it.

    For this to work perfectly, you have to zero in on the biggest influencers of your region, and rope them in for your advertising campaign. What kind of influencers you should collaborate with depends on your budget, your product/service type and your customer base. As an example, if you are a fresh juices brand, your advertisements on Tiktok will work best if you team up with a lifestyle or fitness blogger, who has a decent following in your region.

    Overall, we can say that to make perfect use of TikTok for marketing, teaming up with influencers on the platform can really play in your favor!

    3. Creating or Participating in Hashtag Challenges

    Hashtags for Events

    TikTok is what we call, a buzzing social media platform. Users are always coming up with new and fun hashtag challenges and inviting their friends and other users to join in. These hashtag challenges can be an especially good way for brands to leverage their marketing strategies on TikTok.

    Brands looking to utilize TikTok for advertising should use their positioning to create or participate in new hashtag challenges that are all over TikTok.

    They can do this through collaborating with influencers, setting up some staff members to do it, or the best thing ever, get their user base to do it for them!

    Brands can sponsor a hashtag challenge and encourage their customers to participate in it with their own content, and can give prizes for the best one. 

    This strategy has already been successfully employed by some brands, and has yielded great results for them, in the form of increased sales and satisfaction of existing customers. 

    Many brands’ TikTok guides include hashtag challenges as a crucial part of their TikTok marketing strategy.

    The best part about marketing through a TikTok hashtag challenge, the fact that once you employ it successfully, you have a module for the future as well. With a few tweaks, you can employ a previously successful hashtag challenge technique for marketing anytime again! 

    Also, brands looking to utilize TikTok for marketing can make use of the Hashtag Challenge Plus feature, which allows marketers to embed a link directly into a sponsored hashtag challenge so that users can purchase the item directly from the video without leaving the app! This is a surefire hit marketing technology that isn’t available yet on even Instagram, arguably the most marketing-centric social media platform of all time!

    4. TikTok Live Streaming

    If there’s a single industry that has benefited the most from the advent of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, it’s the events industry.

    Already super-fun, engaging, and overflowing with marketing opportunities for brands, it truly had only some setbacks.

    The most pressing one was the inability of events to reach to everyone who is not able to attend the event firsthand, especially at the same time the event is taking place.

    The introduction of the ‘live’ feature on Social Media apps like Instagram, TikTok etc. have made it easier for event managers to live stream the event directly to millions of people around the world, even when they are not physically present.

    TikTok live streaming is one such example of how marketers can utilize TikTok for marketing and live streaming purposes.

    Brands can leverage TikTok live streaming features to increase their customer reach and their foothold in new areas. Also, TikTok allows users to directly include links to their websites/products/online marketplace for users to visit without even leaving the app!

    5. Content Stream Takeovers

    tiktok content

    TikTok, much like Instagram and Snapchat, allows brands to sponsor their own hashtag challenges, augmented reality lenses, music, or whole hashtag content.

    The amount of time the brands can do this ranges from one day to several days, depending on their budget and their content requirements.

    The new hashtag challenges and sponsored lenses, music etc. help increase user curiosity towards the brand, and lead them on to exploring more from it. 

    Brands can utilize this feature to get the most out of their TikTok for marketing strategy, and reach millions of new customers with each sponsored hashtag challenge, new lenses, music and other sponsored content. 
    For marketers willing to step out of their comfort zones and looking for new advertising opportunities, TikTok can be the perfect place to start! For more information regarding TikTok and experiential marketing via social media, click the respective links.