• Qualities an experiential marketing agency must have November 18, 2019

    Top 6 Qualities Shared By Experiential Marketing Agencies

    Through the years, marketing trends have evolved with the taste of audiences worldwide. From simple strategies to the more complex and multimedia encompassing campaigns, marketing now is a mammoth undertaking. Experiential marketing is one of the many branches of this complex structure that marketing today is. What used to be an add-on or an afterthought to other branding and marketing projects is now one of the centrepieces to the marketing story of many products. Emerging from a means to raise short term sales to being the epicentre of the audiences’ interaction with a brand, experiential marketing is a must for any brand or product that aims to give its users the best that they have to offer in a very tangible way.

    With marketers becoming aware of the importance of one-to-one experiences and how the masses react to stimulus in real life, the need for experiential marketing has been acknowledged and promoted. So any experiential marketing agency these days needs to be skilled and well equipped to successfully design and execute such effective brand engagement activities for its clients. Here are the top 6 qualities that an agency needs to have in regards to experiential marketing to be ahead of the competition and fulfil the client’s expectations:

    Close Involvement 

    One of the most important factors to keep in mind here is the proximity of the agency with the client or the brand. They need to work closely to be able to understand the brand, its vision and what is expected from the project. The objectives and purpose of the whole activity will only be understood and achieved if the agency is able and wanting to be involved in the work closely. The communication channels need to be clear and consistency is key for an experiential technology company.

    Comprehension and Interest

    An agency is only as efficient as its precise understanding of the task at hand and what works best in the industry. To get a pulse of the market, note what the audience likes and how can it be utilized in the client’s marketing strategies needs a great level of comprehension. Find a brand activation agency that takes an interest in both, the current trends and what types of plans will work best of the brand’s target audience.

    Skill Sets

    Despite experiential marketing being in the limelight, there still needs to be a cohesive and detailed marketing strategy that a brand requires. Make sure that the experiential marketing agency has the skill sets and experience of working in marketing to create such plans for your product as well. The need for such integrated marketing strategies that include data collection, analysis, fine-tuned plans and experiential marketing technology rather than using just simple sale gimmicks is essential here.

    Specialised Understanding of Experiential Marketing

    Since the whole talk is about experiential marketing technology, it is important to hire an experiential marketing company. What we mean here is that in an effort to look for a 360 degree marketing solution, do not forget to check if the agency specialises in experiential marketing. After all, it is the highlight that you were looking for your own brand marketing in the first place!

    Digital Media Proficiency

    Although it is obvious most of the time, the ability and level of proficiency in the use of digital media channels for your product’s advantage is another factor to consider while looking for a brand activation agency. Since there is a lot of use of digital media in the actual activity and the promotion of it, experiential marketing is woefully incomplete without it.

    Creative Strategy Building

    Experiential marketing technology itself is not the answer to all your marketing needs. The brand activation agency you hire needs to adopt a creative and innovative approach towards the marketing strategy development to give the most positively unique output, a novelty that will earn your product viral fame and sales subsequently. The value of a good plan and ideation is what you are looking for in a good experiential marketing agency.

    There are a lot of agencies and companies that have “cool and new” experiential marketing ideas that pitch to clients, but unless they have relevance to your brand and product, it is all a waste. To save yourself the trouble of waging through many such pointless exercises in finding the right experiential technology company, use the above-mentioned pointer to navigate towards the right one!