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    5 Best Instagram Hashtag Printers For Your Next Event

    Nobody will turn a great photo down these days, and you can take our word for it. This universal fact is as actual of causal everyday parties and our daily lives, as it is of branded events.

    Big brands are quickly realizing the uncannily amazing value of a good photo too, and are pulling out all the stops in curating an enjoyable, entertaining and memorable experience for their guests, complete with some great photos!

    One of the surest and most successful ways to accomplish this is the Instagram Hashtag Printer!

    An interactive technology solution that snaps photos of your guests, gives them the option to share it on social media with your event’s unique hashtag, and gives them an instant print-out of their photos to take home with them as a branded keepsake from the event.

    The hashtag photo printer is immensely popular among the masses, and is quickly becoming the go-to digital photo booth for brands looking to further their digital reach among masses and get good word-of-mouth from prospective customers.

    Below, we break down the top 5 hashtag printers for your next event.

    Hashtag Printer by Wootclub

    A fun twist on the traditional photo booth, the Hashtag Printer by Wootclub combines the photographic versatility of the photo booth for events with the fun, marvellous dexterity of interactive tech solutions, thus creating a genuinely creative mixture of utter enjoyment and great photos!

    The guests are delighted by their photos that they share those across social media, your brand gets its share of authentic UGC, and you earn fantastic word-of-mouth from your guests in the community!

    A win-win for all? Exactly!

    The hashtag photo booth by Wootclub also comes with customizable GIF, video and some really far-out signature options, thus giving your guests greater freedom to exercise their creative side in your events. And lets you forget, that your events are only as successful as they’re entertaining, the hashtag photo printer is loads of fun and absolutely a must-have at your events.


    An Instagram hashtag printer that snaps your guests’ photos gives them an option to share them across their social media platforms using your event’s unique hashtag, and also gives them an instant print-out of their pictures as a branded keepsake from the event!

    The activity leads to better UGC for the brand on online channels, good word-of-mouth from satisfied guests, and the increased chances that they’ll become full-time customers of your brand.

    With added analytics ROI and cloud software, get your event on social media with Instagram hashtag printer.

    Webcontxt Interactive Tech

    A fun and creative Hashtag Photo Printer, from Webcontxt Interactive Tech is just the perfect addition to your branded events or private parties if you will!

    Simple to operate and highly manageable, it works by pulling and aggregating photos put up with your event’s hashtag, and printing them out instantly as branded keepsakes for your guests.

    Put in simple words, your guests pose in front of the printer, put up their photos on social media using your event’s unique hashtag, and get an instant print-out of their pictures as a branded keepsake from the event.

    Not only does it help create a good repo for your brand, but also leads to increased social media reach and lots of authentic UGC for your brand.

    Hashtag Photobooth

    Primarily a beauty booth that smoothes out your guests’ skin to make them look flawless in their photos, the Hashtag Photobooth snaps beautiful pictures of your guests that they’re then prompted to share across social media. Post which they get to have an instant print-out of their photos to keep with them as a branded takeaway from the event!

    Their pretty and pleasing Instagram hashtag printer coupled with the creative GIF photo booth that captures and puts together various stills of your guests’ photographs and places them together in a video, makes for enjoyable and engaging experiential activities for your brand and your guests!

    The hashtag printer not only makes your events entertaining for your guests but also drives up your brand’s online reach and footing through the flood of authentic UGC generated during the activity!


    Luster is an Instagram hashtag printer that has been in the business for quite a lot of time now!

    Like every other hashtag printer, they work on a very simple note. Guests pose in front of the camera which snaps their photo, provides them with options to share these across social media using your unique event hashtag.

    As with every other hashtag photo booth, guests get to keep a print-out of their photos as a branded keepsake for the event.

    The entire equipment is designed keeping in mind the audience engagement perspective, the excitement the activity generates and the overall customer satisfaction ratio plus the good word-of-mouth achieved, not to mention the stupendous online popularity.

    There you have it, a comprehensible list of the top 5 Instagram hashtag printers out there in the market. It’s up to you now to choose the best one that suits your needs and make your event fun, entertaining and truly engaging.

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