• Trade Show Booth Trends August 21, 2019

    Trade Show Booth Trends That Make You Stand Out

    Did you know that out of all trade show attendees, almost 70% of them represent new, potential customers for your business? It’s not surprising that marketers unanimously believe that trade shows provide companies with a unique value proposition and are filled with opportunities. Thus, you must make an impression at your next trade show, and this blog is all about that.

    However, before we jump into the trends, here are a few ideas to help you make your trade show booths a fantastic experience for all attendees.

    Trade Show Booth Ideas

    Start Promoting Booth Way Before The Trade Show Starts.

    The idea is to create a buzz around your booth and channels like social media are perfect for this.

    Make Booth Comfortable and Inviting!

    Nobody likes a booth where they would be cramped, even if the booth itself were very appealing. If you have a larger space for your booth, having a few chairs for attendees to sit down can do wonders for your booth.

    Make Your Booth As Noticeable As Possible.

    In order to stand out at any trade show, you have to be highly visible and prominent. While designing your booth’s look, ensure noticeability is one of the guiding principles behind the entire design process.

    Other than that, let’s take a look at some trade show booth trends that will make you truly stand out amongst your competitors in 2019!

    Top Trade Show Booth Trends

    Interactivity Has Become Essential

    Using interactive challenges and games is very important if you want your booth to be interesting to the attendees. Other than just building interest in the attendees, creative challenges and games can be an amazing way for attendees to discover more about your brand and your products. It has been observed that attendees are more likely to pay attention to a booth with an interactive element, presented as a game or a challenge, more than a booth without any interactive element.

    Using tools like a touch screen smart mirror can make a massive difference when it comes to the impact of your booth at any trade show. It goes without saying that the interactive element of your booth must be in sync with your product or brand and its objective should be to educate the attendee and raise awareness for your product or brand.

    Multi-Sensory Experiences

    One of the most significant and most valuable trade show booth trends in 2019 is based around multi-sensory experience. By controlling the sensory interactions, delivering an engaging and simulating brand experience at every point in the user journey becomes much more comfortable and more effective for your brand.

    The magic photo mirror booth and augmented reality photo booth are some examples of tools you can use to create multi-sensory experiences for the attendees. Since the idea is to provide a complete experience to the attendees of your booth, the main attraction of your booth can be complemented by other tools such as smoke machines and fragrance dispensers.

    Multi-sensory experiences provide a more complete brand experience for the attendees of your booth and leave a better, longer-lasting impression of your brand on them since they engage all their senses and provide a more holistic and complete experience.

    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

    Did you know around 53% of consumer say that they are more likely to buy from a brand if their booth has a virtual reality element? VR has become one of the most significant trends in trade show booths in 2019. Products like a a green screen augmented reality photo booth are great applications of virtual reality and augmented reality for trade show booths.

    By using virtual reality and augmented reality, you can demonstrate your brand or product to attendees in countless innovative ways. Placing an AR photo booth at your trade show booth can boost the engagement and interest of your attendees and capture their imagination in a way that is only possible using AR and VR technology.

    There are several ways to integrate AR as a part of your trade show booth like using a magic mirror touch screen, or using a touch screen smart mirror.  The application of VR technology can be used in many creative ways like streaming the VR feed on the huge screen when your attendees are engaging with it, using VR gaming as an attraction for your booth, and hosting a 360-degree VR meeting for virtual attendees.

    Creative Use of Lighting

    For trade show booths in 2019, lighting can more often than not play a key role in determining the WOW factor of the booth. Using creative and bright lights make your trade show booth stand out. Some applications of innovative use of lighting include utilizing strings of LED lights and other lights to create lighting accents to your booths, so it highlights parts of your booth like the walls, counter edges, floor lines, and other exciting aspects of your booth.

    Another creative utilization of lights involves responsive or kinetic lighting, where the lights respond to the attendees of your booth. This helps in creating a multi-sensory experience for your attendees rather than a one-dimensional experience. 

    Creative use of lighting allows your booth to stand out and give your attendees a lot to share on their social media. There are countless possibilities when it comes to how you use lighting to make your booth more impactful for your attendees but you definitely should pay attention to the lighting of your booth at your next trade show.


    Few platforms are as useful as trade shows for businesses. They are great for promoting the brand or products and marketing them to potential customers. Since almost every industry knows the value of trade shows, it is essential to stand out to make a lasting and impactful impression on the attendees.

    The trends mentioned in this article will guide you towards making your booth interesting and noticeable, but it all depends on your brand’s approach towards them and the execution of the final booth itself.