• Expriential Marketing & It's Benefits March 5, 2020

    What Is Experiential Marketing? Why Is It Important?

    Experiential technology marketing is one of the most engaging forms of marketing in the world today. However, it can be a bit tough to explain what experiential marketing means.

    In essence, experiential marketing refers to a form of marketing where experiences are at the forefront. There are several experiential marketing firms out there today as the form of marketing has been around for a while, but an industry-wide definition of the term is still missing.

    There are a number of reasons why experiential marketing is considered to be more effective than traditional marketing forms. Some of the reasons are:

    • An increased tendency of millennials and Gen Z to prefer an authentic connection with a brand which is made possible by experiential marketing.
    • An increased tendency of consumers relating to the brand image and story. Experiential technology marketing allows consumers to experience the values of a brand on a first-hand basis.

    In this blog, let’s take a look at what experiential marketing means and why we need it. We’ll also take a look at the best experiential technology for events.

    The Value of Experience in Today’s Marketing

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    Brand activation services are usually in high demand since millennials, and Gen Z places considerable value on experiences.  So naturally, a marketing technique that relies on experiences resonates highly with the demographic which is increasingly one of the most important consumer sections for marketers around the world.

    The best experiential advertising agencies understand the following situation ideally, which allows them to capture the fleeting attention of millennials and Gen Z perfectly:

    • Millennials and Gen Z are entering their prime working years which means they’ll have a lot of spending capacity today and in the years to come, making them a highly desirable target for a lot of brands.
    • The demographic has shown tendencies to prioritize personal experiences over material things in life.
    • This is why it is more effective to provide them with an opportunity to experience the core values of the brand instead of demonstrating the best-selling features of the product or the service.

    Keeping all this in mind, let’s understand why most brands are using the top experiential marketing companies and consulting with them to get the best ROI on their marketing initiatives.

    Why Brands Need Experiential Marketing Activation?

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    There are many reasons why brands use the services of a brand activation agency in most of their events. Here are some of the top reasons why this is the case:

    1. Brand activation services boost communications between the brand and consumers.

    Brand activation services use experiential technology to build a genuine connection between the brand and its consumers. Technology-driven experiential marketing campaigns are always a hit among the audiences as they’re interactive and fun to experience. Here is how you can boost consumer experience with innovative experiential technology.

    2. An experiential marketing agency helps in creating and raising brand awareness.

    Experiential marketing firms can boost brand awareness for any brand dramatically. It allows the audience an opportunity not just to be a passive listener to the brand’s story but rather be an active participant in it, establishing a more explicit connection with the brand that leads to better brand awareness.

    3. A brand activation agency can help in creating a positive brand image.

    It is important for any brand that its consumers react positively to its image. Great brand activations can play a massive role in changing how the consumers perceive the image of your brand. A positive brand image stays in the mind of the customer for a long duration of time, creating a bigger recall value and ultimately fostering an effective relationship between the brand and the consumer. An experienced and reliable brand activation company has expertise in creating strong brand activation campaigns for any brand or business.

    4. A brand activation agency makes consumer trust the brand more.

    Experiential technology for events helps in boosting the trust placed by consumers in the brand. Experiential marketing creates an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer and allows for two-way communication between them that builds more trust between the brand and the consumer.

    Overall, most brands use the services of experiential marketing firms and the top experiential marketing companies to create a better connection between themselves and the consumers. The idea behind these initiatives is that a consumer who has an emotional connection to the brand is more likely to buy the product and services of the companies. Do ask essential questions from your brand activation agency before you hire them for your next event or campaign.

    With the huge demand for the best experiential advertising agencies these days, it is clear to see that experiential marketing definitely works for today’s audiences.

    Experiential Marketing

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    Now that we have a fair understanding of experiential marketing and how it works let’s try to define experiential marketing in the context of an experiential event marketing agency.

    • Essentially, any form of marketing where the focus is on helping consumers experience a brand can be considered to be experiential marketing. It is different from traditional marketing as it does way more than just informing the consumer about the best selling points of the products or services.
    • It often uses technology to create immersive experiences that are in line with the values of the brand. These experiences offer the consumer an opportunity to truly connect with the values of the brand and hence create a connection to the brand.
    • The natural logic follows that consumers who are more connected to the brand are more likely to make buying decisions in favour of the brand. The objective is to create long-term connections between the brand and the consumers so the returns of experiential marketing are not just short-term fixes but long-term attachments. 

    Experiential Marketing is The Future of Marketing

    In today’s marketing zeitgeist, it is important to focus on the experiences as the millennials and Gen Z will be making most of the buying decisions and they are heavily driven by experiences, preferring it over everything else.

    Are you interested in experiential marketing and event marketing? Keep reading this space for the latest in the world of experiential marketing and experiential marketing tricks and tips.