• Experiential Marketing Strategy January 16, 2020

    Reasons Why Healthcare Brands Need to Rethink their Brand Experience at Conferences

    Brand experiences matter a lot for any brand today, regardless of the industry they operate in. In today’s B2B conference landscape, it is super important to create engaging and immersive brand experiences in order to truly connect with the attendees.

    Brand activation solutions at conferences are increasingly becoming a trend and can significantly increase the quality of brand experience that is experienced by the attendee at the conference. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the different reasons why health care brands need to rethink their brand experiences in today’s cultured conference landscape.

    Traditional Marketing Models are Failing in the Health Care Industry

    The reason why experiential technology solutions are on the rise, in general, is due to the fact that traditional marketing models are failing for most industries. The same applies to the healthcare industry wherein the traditional marketing model of the health care industry based on reach and frequency is falling behind.

    While the reach and marketing approach is still a valuable part of the marketing mix for most health care brands, experiential marketing services are being increasingly used by health care brands and are slowly finding a prominent place in their marketing mix.

    The Audience at the Conferences is Changing

    These days, the audiences at conferences are changing at a rapid pace. There is a natural shift in general audiences all over the world as the millennials and Gen Z have entered the prime working years of their year and have become the main demographic for most advertising and marketing activities. Here is marketing trends for Gen Z.

    This ties into experiential marketing solutions because of millennials and Gen Z tendency to value brand experiences over traditional marketing initiatives where the focus was on highlighting the best features of a product or brand. Most younger audiences these days are getting disillusioned by the traditional marketing tactics and are looking for something more immersive and personal in today’s cultured conference landscape.

    Experiences Matter

    The use of brand activation solutions and experiential marketing services in today’s cultured landscape makes it evident that experiences matter over everything else for today’s audiences. They prefer experiencing the values of the brand in an authentic manner and fostering a genuine relationship with the brand instead of just being at the receptive end of the marketing initiatives of the brand.

    They want to feel a personal connection with the brand which also works out well for the brand as the attendee is more likely to make a buying decision if they feel connected to the brand as opposed to not feeling connected to the brand.

    Experience Marketing for Healthcare Brands

    Experiential marketing is all about creating an immersive experience for the audience that has multiple touch points for the audiences like touch and feel. Experience-based marketing also includes a crucial element of social sharing which amplifies the return on investment for these initiatives by increasing brand awareness for the brand on various social platforms.

    For health care brands, experiential marketing is not only important but also can be tricky, which makes it a bigger challenge. Health care brands have various regulatory bodies like HIPPA that regulate not only their overall functioning but also their marketing initiatives. This makes creating experiential marketing initiatives pretty complicated for health care brands but it is definitely important for health care brands to modernize their marketing initiatives by adding a healthy part of experiential marketing to the mix.

    Experience-Based Marketing Ideas for Healthcare Brands

    As mentioned above, it can be a bit of a challenge to come up with experience-based marketing ideas for healthcare brands. Creating a marketing initiative for a health brand that truly connects with the audiences and provides a decent return on investment is not easy but it is definitely doable.

    There are a lot of experience-based marketing ideas that healthcare brands can use. It can be something as simple as creating a social-based display on the conference that can either provide an experience of a particular healthcare problem or it can be something as complex as an entire experience-based game that can gamify different aspects of a conference to make it much more engaging for the attendees.

    The possibility of experience-based marketing is almost limitless due to the power of experiential technology solutions and experiential marketing services.


    The health care industry is pretty big and there is a gigantic need for experiential marketing solutions in the health care industry. Using the services of an experiential consulting agency like Wootclub can truly make the difference between marketing initiatives that truly connect with audiences and marketing initiatives that do not.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to experiential marketing solutions and healthcare brands can get an amazing return on investment if they use it in the correct manner.