• Experiential Marketing May 7, 2019

    Why Include Experiential Marketing In Your B2B Marketing Strategies?

    Information is for a short while, whilst experiences last forever! The ideology is encumbered in the best way possible by experiential marketing solutions and brand activation agencies alike.

    Today’s event space is all about giving your guests, potential and existing customers an all-encompassing, engaging experience which they’ll take back home with them!

    The imperial strategy, also termed engagement marketing, is a popular catch these days for engaging your customers with your brand in a hands-on, intimate way, as well as to leverage increased customer participation and establishing genuine trust among the masses.

    Although ardently employed by B2C companies, experiential marketing for B2B companies is quickly becoming a thing, and is definitely here to stay!

    But before we get into the why’s and wherefore’s of experiential marketing solutions, we should first clarify and educate the novice about what exactly is experiential marketing and brand activation agency.

    What is Experiential Marketing?

    Easily confused with event marketing, it is an altogether different branch of marketing solutions, that often works interlinked with event marketing.

    While event marketing involves hosting specific events that cater to the interests of the brand’s customers and clients, experiential marketing solutions create an experience that lets your guests enjoy and be a part of.

    Even though the two aren’t synonymous, they’re often inter-used and applied together.

    They often go hand-in-hand, and are superbly successful too!

    The Benefits of Experiential Marketing for B2B Companies

    A slow-starter at the beginning, experiential marketing solutions are the hidden ace of CMOs & are now one of the most prominent marketing techniques used by B2B companies in the mainstream.

    Below, we list the primary benefits of using those.

    Increases Authentic Engagement

    Unique, interesting experiences make for entertaining fodder for conversations. Marketing studies show when customers have a good experience at a brand event, they’re more likely to share it with their friends, co-workers, relatives or mates. Now, how’s that for reliable and authentic word-of-mouth?

    Educate Your Customers, The Fun Way

    Much better than through educational videos, site maps or guides , customers can learn through experience. Brand activations for B2B events through the agency of experiential marketing companies lead towards a better understanding of a brand’s products or services for its customers, as they get to see and sample the products first-hand. Experiential marketing for product launch events, mall activations etc is grabbing all the attentions of CMOs as this is the best fun way to educate your B2B customers.

    Gives a Better Impression to Your Customer

    Your customers have a better chance of forming a better impression of your brand once they’ve been exposed to one of your brand’s marketing campaigns, and have been privy to a positive experience. According to a report by a prominent research institute, 74% of customers retain a better impression of brands after attending a promotional event of theirs! Need another reason to incorporate experiential marketing for B2B companies in your marketing strategies?

    Enhances Brand Recognition

    For reasons that are obvious to comprehend, people are much more likely to remember a brand in good terms when they’ve been involved with it in a personal experience, rather than when they hear about it from impersonal, professional sources like TV ads or Social Media ads. This is precisely where brand activations for B2B events come in handy, with expert interactive solutions up their sleeves.

    Increased Sales

    Market analysis shows that customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand, after they’ve been a part of one of its marketing campaigns that includes them in every aspect of it!

    See? Experiential marketing for B2B companies really have a ton of astounding benefits, don’t they?

    That said, however, it’s important to know exactly how to apply these solutions to get the best out of them!

    Below, we list a few tips and suggestions to enlist experiential marketing solutions for your company in the best way possible.

    Set Up Your Experiences Where Your Customers Are!

    To give your customers a great experience at your event, ensure that you hold the event at a place where your customers are already likely to hang out. This gives your customers a better chance to interact with your brand and participate in your brand activations.

    Define and Stick to, Your Brand Guidelines

    While giving your guests a fun, entertaining time at your event might be your priority, it’s important you don’t compromise your brand’s integrity in doing so. Your brand’s unique identity will go a long way ahead and will be the driving force for customers to eventually capitulate to choosing your brand over others, when it comes to it.

    Make it Extremely Fun and Memorable

    Remember, one of the pressing reasons you’re involved in setting up a fun and entertaining events, is so you can give your guests a memorable experience which they’ll take back home with them. So go ahead, and ensure your event is one blast of a brand activation!

    Introduce Means for it to Shareable

    Whilst introducing fun and entertainment in your events, it’s also important to ensure that your event is shareable, as people would want to share all the fun they’re having with their friends and loved ones too. One of the best ways to do this via Social Media Hashtag Printer tool, is to introduce a unique event hashtag, that your guests use to put up their posts taken at your event on social media.

    This will lead to your event getting popularized on social media as well as getting you much needed authentic UGC for your brand.

    Give Out Gifts for Participating

    One of the surefire things that’ll get your event’s popularity to skyrocket, is to incentivize participation and attendance for your experiential marketing event. You could do this by giving your guests a branded takeaway for them to take back home by the Instagram hashtag Printer, or by giving out surprise gifts to your guests for tweeting out using your event’s unique hashtag, as in hashtag cafe! This will not only increase your event’s participation ratio, but also make your brand a trending topic among the masses.

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