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    Retail Activations: Why Marketers Prefer Mall Activation To Promote Brands Or Products?

    The primary objective of marketing is to grab your audience’s attention as firmly as possible. Retail or mall activation has proven, time and again, to be very effective at capturing people’s attention and focusing it on brands and products.

    Experiential technology activation is an innovative method of brand activation, which has also been proven to generate high returns when done right. 

    Combining the power of creating immersive experiences through technology with the model of retail activation is a strategy that is being increasingly favoured by marketers all over the world.

    The idea behind brand activation is to create a connection between the consumer and the brand. These days, most of the trending brand activation solutions involve experiential marketing to some degrees.

    Experiential marketing made possible with technologies like green screen photo booth has taken the concept of brand activations to new levels. There are other technologies included in experiential technology activation, which can genuinely create immersive experiences which help in creating a relationship between the consumer and the brand. 

    In this blog, we’re going to take a look at retail activation, especially mall activation, and how effective it is when combined with experiential marketing and marketers prefer doing it.

    It creates a genuine buzz

    Photo Booths For Events

    The beautiful thing about capturing the consumer’s attention in a mall is that they’re, in a sense, already ready for it. 

    Malls are filled with different brands and the consumer is used to looking at brands when they’re in the mall, which means they’re ready to give you attention. Thus, a really well-done mall activation can create a buzz that is often unparalleled by other brand activations.

    However, since there is already a lot of competition for attention when it comes to consumer attention, the quality of the retail activation becomes extremely important. 

    For example, innovative technology like the social 360 booth can often capture the consumer’s attention much better as it is a new form of technology that most consumers do not come across on a day to day basis.

    Trending brand activation solutions create more engagement

    AR Selfie Photo Booth

    With the use of tools like the green screen photo booth, a lot more engagement can be derived from brand activations. The consumer doesn’t value their attention span as much when they’re at a mall as opposed to when they’re browsing online.

    While capturing the attention is a part of the game, most strategies of mall activation focus on driving engagement. This is where the idea of experiential marketing takes the central focus as the core principle of experiential marketing is to drive consumer engagement by immersing them entirely in a branded experience. 

    Experiential technology activation can be used to leverage technology to create genuine engagement with the brand. Its should be done to start an authentic relationship between the brand and the consumer.  When it comes to the younger segments of the population (namely millennials and Gen Z), experiences are highly valued and demanded.

    In a nutshell, a retail activation is often preferred by marketers as it generates much more engagement than most of the other forms of activations. One of the factors that play is the amount of time the consumer is willing to invest at a mall activation. Most marketers know getting the consumer’s time is the first step towards getting the customer’s loyalty.

    How to do the Perfect Retail & Mall Activation Execution

    Magic Mirror for Gen Z

    The first question a marketer should ask before they start doing retail activations is asking why a consumer would care about the brand activation? Understanding the why is the first step towards thinking of how is to understand the why. 

    Once the marketer understands the consumer’s wants and needs, they can create smart and non-intrusive ways of delivering value to the consumer.

    Using technologies like the magic mirror photo booth in a retail activation can help in creating the perfect execution for retail activations.

    By engaging the consumer using innovative tools like the social 360 booths, the brand activation can venture into the digital world too which can lead to other benefits for the marketers like creating a lot of user-generated content.

    The Importance of Experiential Marketing

    User Generated Content

    In today’s world, the traditional model of marketing is no longer working. Millennials and Gen Z are distrustful of advertising and do not want to hear about the key selling points of the brand or its products.  Must read these top marketing trends for Gen Z.

    What they want, instead, is to experience the brand’s value which is why experiential marketing is considered to be a game-changer in the world of marketing.

    Experiential marketing is usually executed in the form of events, pop-ups, installations, and activities. A brand activation needs to have an experiential marketing aspect of being genuinely useful for today’s audiences.  

    An excellent brand activation execution ensures that a relationship is started between the brand and the consumer who is achieved entirely by experiential marketing.

    The best experiential marketing techniques focus on telling the story about the brand and affecting the consumer on a deeper, emotional level, so they are more invested in the brand’s products. A mall activation can achieve these goals by providing a branded experience to the consumers in the mall. It attracts the right type of people and captures their attention for the brand.

    Thus, when it comes to mall activations and brand activations in general, the most important thing is providing a genuine, fun, interesting, and impactful experience for the consumer in a way that the consumer would want to be in a relationship with the brand.


    In today’s world of marketing, experiential marketing is the key! Retail activations and mall activations are some of the best channels for a brand’s experiential marketing and can lead to much better results and a stronger bond between the consumer and the brand. 

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