Combining the latest, cutting edge technology with originality & vision, we help brands realize their event marketing goals with sheer dedication, zeal & creativity.
Through our multi-tiered interactive technology solutions, we bring about a revolution in how events are held, planned & visualized.


A name like Volkswagen still needed to come up with unique promotional strategies for their 2 new car launches in Dubai automobile market, that weren’t just entertaining, but also to-the-point enough to drive home the clear message, that the Teramont & the Touareg have arrived!

Wootclub effectively nixed this marketing bug right in its sweet spot with experiential activation activities set up for both models at the brand’s roadshows in UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

For the Touareg, a slew of 16 android cameras placed in a semi-circular arc around the new model, snapped slow-mos, videos, time-lapse & GIFs of people posing with the car amidst an interesting backdrop of an explosion.

While for the Teramont, a jigsaw puzzle with horizontal touch screens were created, where people of all age-groups could participate by piecing together the various shapes in their correct slots to form a virtual image of the car.

With instant social media sharing options available, the event not only made it to the social media trends & highlights, but also gave its attendees something to remember it, by virtue of the activations being highly original, inventive & engaging!

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To promote their sponsorship of Delhi Capitals in the recently concluded season of IPL, JBL wanted to run a marketing activity that was unique, engaging & fresh.

Taking advantage of the fact that most Indians have a stealthy admiration for Cricket, Wootclub came up with a venerable solution; a VR cricket game that gave players a virtual experience of batting in a field coupled with the option to share their scores with their social media followers!

The activity took place in a branded stall at DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon, & all the visitors had to do was put on the VR headset that led the players to a virtual stadium with JBL branding all around, where they got a chance to bat against the bowler until they were out or the over was finished. The bat was a VR controller that was made to resemble a real-life wood & rubber bat.

The activity instantly became a hit, both among masses & on social media, and gave JBL their much needed promotional boost for their sponsorship.

The concept being original & fresh, it was no wonder participants shared it heavily on social media, which led to further increased engagement & online reach for the brand.

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To educate their employees about their long-standing Employee Referral Policies & to amp-up their referral programme internally, Accenture sought our help to spread this awareness among its employees in a fun, creative way.  Recognizing the need for an engaging format that is both entertaining & informative, along with the importance of gratifying participants for their promotive actions, we came up with just the perfect solution, the Tweet Cafe, with a slight twist to its functioning & semantics! The interactive tech solution was set up in the company premises with makeshift hardware installation, consisting of several boxes having glass lid coverings with essential keywords like Talent, Skills, Referral, Best Teams, etc. that best defined Accenture’s values, printed atop those. The procedure started with the participants required to scan a QR code that will lead them to ERP’s Facebook page, which they were required to follow to be eligible to participate in the activity further.  Once having done that, they were prompted to fill up a form asking necessary details, after which a QR code unique to the particular user was generated that enabled the user to be eligible for a surprise from their designated tweet gift box on the hardware.  The activity was immensely successful & beneficial, as Accenture immediately registered a marked increase in the numbers of their ERP programme referrals, & also gave its employees a fun, exciting way to promote their company while earning surprise gifts for themselves!