Instant printing of social media pictures to trend your hashtag campaign

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First-time visitors or loyal customers, give each one of them something to remember you by. Drive a successful hashtag campaign with Wootclub’s Instagram Hashtag Printer. Get them to click a picture and upload it along with it, aggregate their memories and instantly print it out for their utter delight. A true win-win situation!
Loaded with artistic & fun possibilities, Instagram Hashtag Printer is just the perfect fit for weddings & corporate events, & is available for rental, hire & to buy!

How It Works


Visitors click pictures with their phones, preparing you authentic User-Generated Content.


Next, they update their profiles with those pictures along with your event’s hashtag.


The delighted guests get to happily keep their branded souvenir of the event.

Transforming Audience Into Influencers

Wootclub’s Hashtag Printer works towards making your event the most-talked-about-thing on Twitter and Instagram by adding a pinch of magic to it.

Just using three simple steps; click, tag & print; the guests get a valid reason to talk about your brand and agree to willingly turn into your brand ambassadors.

Packed Full of Features

Boost your hashtag campaign

Provide a branded take away

A smart way to collect database

Promote User-generated content (UGC)

Evaluate your reach

Customize branding

A Small Keepsake For Everyone

To keep reminding them of the great time they had at the event.

Guests contributing to your hashtag campaign get a high-quality polaroid picture with your brand logo and campaign hashtag on it; giving you genuine database, happy customer, hype and a successful brand recall.

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Product Specifications

Instagram Hashtag Printer Booth
Instagram Hashtag Printer
Hashtag Printer Photo Booth
Hashtag Printer

Box Mounting

Compact, feasible and easy-to-mount; these units fit into your brand event’s theme or premises pretty easily and become an integral part of your activation plan.


This high-performance unit has the capability to work non-stop for hours at any event. A quick-to-deploy standalone product, it fits in any kind of activation premise to generate user engagement.

photo booth
Hashtag Printer
Social Hashtag Printer Booth
Hashtag Printer
Hashtag Printer
Instagram Hashtag Printer
Instagram Hashtag Printer
Hashtag Printer Photo Booth
Hashtag Printer

Big Screen Kiosk

Drive maximum engagement at a live event with this big screen unit that aggregates and runs content on big screen. It also gives its guests a profiled post as a print memoir.

Add Woot to your next event.
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