Hashtag & Social Cafe

Time to go viral with surprise giveaways

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Our Hashtag & Social café is literally a rewarding experience for your visitors. Be it small or a large gathering our social café can serve all. Ask your visitors to share your event’s hashtag along with the number mentioned on the box they want to open and watch the faces light up as they receive their hard-earned giveaways.
Our Social Café is peppy for your personal occasions such as weddings and dapper enough to suit your corporate events such as product launches, concerts, exhibitions and mall activations.  Tweet café is available for hire on rent or for purchase, only at Wootclub.com.

How It Works


User tweets with box number and event hashtag


Tweet is detected and screen shows the box number allotted to user


User collects his surprise gift

AN ideal activity for events of all kinds and sizes

This cool looking café is quite fun to interact with and it entices each of your visitors to talk about your brand on your favourite social media platforms. Our Hashtag & social café is truly a one-stop solution to get your event trending.
Wootclub’s Hashtag & Social Cafe is an advanced experiential solution, is Interactive, and a abig-time crowd puller. This imaginative tweet-for – treat activity generates quality user UGC and enhances your brand exposure.

Key Features

Promotes & helps social campaigns trend through UGC

Customisable in number of boxes

Effective engagement with branded giveaways

Gamifies data capture and engagement

Temporary or permanent installations

Comes with several branding options

Bundle the experience with interactive fun features


Shelf-like installation of minimum area 10X5 ft. with number of lockers
Electronically controlled gift chambers

tweet cafe
tweet cafe
Decide on the size & shape of installation
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